Another cover mistake?!? And a book sale…

    July 9, 2016

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    Dear Ones,

    I love July. Lots of sunshine and family birthdays, lavender is blooming, the garden is growing, I can write outside, the dogs are happy…

    Okay, my tomatoes have blight and the dogs are shedding enough to fill pillows, but that’s minor, so let’s focus on the good things.


    First, you’re wondering who has a mistake on her cover… or maybe you already have your suspicions. Yes, it’s me. No, this isn’t as wonderful as the three-armed cover, but my publisher did send me a horrified email about the blunder on the newly-released OBSESSION FALLS paperback. I’ll give you a hint. Every letter on this cover should be part of an actual English word.

    Can’t find it? Look on the spine on the top right under St. Martin’s Press. That is supposed to read NOVEL. Not MNUDK.

    My agent asked if it was a three-armed MNUDK.
    My husband explained MNUDK is the Klingon word for novel.
    Do you have a funny thought about my OBSESSION FALLS MNUDK…er, novel? I’d love to hear it!


    Speaking of the three-armed cover, CASTLES IN THE AIR is the July feature at Avon Books! What that means — you read (or re-read) CASTLES IN THE AIR and on July 28, we’ll gather online to discuss it. To facilitate your reading, Avon Books is running a $1.99 CASTLES IN THE AIR book sale!

    The story is wild and romantic, and born of my fascination with the rough Medieval custom of getting a wealthy bride by kidnapping. Once an heiress had been stolen and kept by a man, she had to marry — and Sir Raymond of Avrache is impoverished and desperate enough to get his woman any way he can … and that includes abduction. Of course, he didn’t expect to end up with the defiant and fascinating Lady Juliana…

    Read an excerpt, then grab your copy for your: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, GooglePlay, iBooks. Don’t have an e-reader? With the proper app you can read on your smart phone, iPad or computer. Or if you like to hold a book in your hands, CASTLES IN THE AIR is available in paperback. All links are here.

    Read the whole story about the three-armed cover.


    Now that OBSESSION FALLS is out in paperback, would your readers’ group enjoy a chance to discuss this challenging suspense MNUDK … er, novel? Download and print the OBSESSION FALLS Readers’ Guide Questions. Remember, the questions are full of spoilers and I don’t recommend you read them until you’ve read OBSESSION FALLS! Here’s a sample question:

    If, like Taylor, you had to take on a new identity, what would it be?

    Want a different OBSESSION FALLS ending? I wrote two versions; read the alternative ending!

    You can access both the Readers’ Guide and the Alternative Ending from my OBSESSION FALLS page.


    Finally, our lavender is blooming in the stone circle, the bees are in heaven, and just for you I took my life in my hands (I’m allergic to stings) to film a video showing them humming happily and hard at work.

    Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration since, as you can see (and hear!) in the video, the bees were not in the slightest bit interested in me and my lack of nectar. You can also join my YouTube Channel!

    — Re-read CASTLES IN THE AIR for the July 28 discussion.
    — Download the OBSESSION FALLS Readers’ Guide Questions and read the alternative ending.
    — Share this newsletter with your friends and urge them to join because I have such good news coming up on July 20! (Hint: the word “free” is involved.) They can join on my website, upper right corner, and you can attest that I will never share or sell their names.

    This month and always, may you enjoy many great MNDUKs!


    Christina Dodd
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