Chicken Manure and No-Longer-Broken Links

October 30, 2017

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  • Chicken Manure and No-Longer-Broken Links!
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Dear Ones,

Saturday, my newsletter went out without a hitch (YAY!) and The Husband and I went off to buy manure so we could plant garlic. Tell me my life isn’t the epitome of romance.

Husband: “Is chicken manure okay?”
Me: “When did I become the expert on manure? … Sure, it’s great.”

We came home with our manure and I discovered all the links on my newsletter were dead. When I asked what happened, I was told, “The freables divorced the bambosh and destroyed the quatch.” At least, I think that’s what they said…

Good news! Apparently the freables and the bambosh have reunited and the links work again! So if you were one of my readers who got a dead-in-the-water newsletter, please accept my apologies, take the time to peruse this informative and entertaining missive again, click all the links you wish, and read this brand-new bonus excerpt from DEAD GIRL RUNNING:

“I suppose we should keep the pilot here at the resort.” Kellen walked across the lobby, toward the stairway.
“Because you’re suspicious of him. For murder? Or smuggling?” Max followed, not too closely, and he moved quietly.
But she knew he was there. He had a presence, and she wanted to put her desk between them. She took the stairs. “Leo and Annie filled you in on all the details?”
“What there is of them. I suspect we’re looking at the tip of an iceberg.”

“I hate being on the Titanic,” she muttered.
“Full speed ahead,” he said, proving he had good hearing. “And no way to turn away from the peril. You don’t mind if I play the Kate Winslet role, do you? I don’t even like to walk in the rain.”
She turned and laughed at him. “You’re our new security man!”
He was two steps down, smiling faintly. “A good security man knows when to duck and run. I was a linebacker. I’m very good at running.”
“So…you’re fast?” She winced. That sounded faintly sexual.
He sobered, and suddenly he was no longer big and handsome, but rather sad and lonely. “Not always fast enough.”

All your questions answered:
You: Is DEAD GIRL RUNNING part of the Virtue Falls series?
DEAD GIRL RUNNING is the first in the Virtue Falls spin-off series, Cape Charade.


You: Why are you quitting Virtue Falls?
I didn’t say I was quitting Virtue Falls! Do you remember in VIRTUE FALLS, the first book in the series, after the earthquake, when Margaret Smith (owner of Virtue Falls Resort) spoke to Annie Di Luca (Yearning Sands Resort)? (Christina waits while you run to re-read VIRTUE FALLS.) DEAD GIRL RUNNING is set at Yearning Sands Resort. Yes, even that far back, I was planning this book. I’m going to own all books set on the Washington state coast!

You: You said Annie Di Luca. Aren’t the Di Lucas the family from your Bella Terra series?
That’s very astute of you. The Bella Terra series is set in the California wine country, and features the Di Luca family. The Di Luca family owns three resorts; one is their Washington resort of Yearning Sands. Again…author planning!

You: My head is spinning. Why are you mixing and matching series like this?
We all know authors who write book after book after book in a successful series, and the stories get tired because it’s clear that the authors are bored, but they can’t break away? I’m taking the series that I love, expanding the worlds, and assuring that I continue to write thrilling stories with characters and settings that you love.

You: What happens to my favorite character, Kateri Kwinault?
She’s the county sheriff. There are crimes occurring at Yearning Sands. She might make a cameo appearance.

You: Do I have to read all of Bella Terra and Virtue Falls before I can read DEAD GIRL RUNNING?
Yipe! No! Characters carry over from one book to another, and that might enhance your enjoyment, but all these books read as stand-alones. Really! Read the reviews!

You: You said DEAD GIRL RUNNING is coming April 24, 2018. What takes you so long to publish a book?
Hey! That’s only eight months since THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM. My new publisher has created an accelerated publishing schedule for me, and I’m thrilled! DEAD GIRL RUNNING links are up, and you can pre-order it in hardcover, trade paperback and eBook.

You: In trade paperback, eBook and hardcover???
Yes, it’s true. For those of you who collected all the Virtue Falls books, DEAD GIRL RUNNING is in hardcover. Book club readers will be thrilled to see it come out in trade paperback (the larger format.) And eBook readers will enjoy the convenience of reading the newest Christina Dodd suspense on phone, computer or eReader. Win for everybody!
Trade: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Books-a-Million
eBook: Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, GooglePlay
Hardcover: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Books-a-Million

You: What can I do to prepare for DEAD GIRL RUNNING
— Put it on your Goodreads to-read list.
— Mutter darkly when I send an excerpt that makes you want to read it right now. (The excerpt on the website is pretty darned good, too.)
— Wait for me to announce a contest for advanced reading copies so you can taunt your friends about reading it early.
— Re-read Virtue Falls and Bella Terra. And heck, Darkness Chosen which also uses Western Washington as a home base and is another one of my most loved series.
— Communicate with your friends about the books you enjoy, because reading is a wonderful adventure to be shared.

One final thing: I have a new question on the website pop-up survey: Do you read the pages past “The End?” It’s a yes/no response, but there’s a comment box for you to tell me details. Due to the volume of responses, I don’t have time to respond, but I read every word!

I hope this letter answered all your questions and you got to click all the links without a hitch. Wishing you a great week and happy reading!

Christina Dodd
New York Times bestselling author of
the Bella Terra Series
And the Virtue Falls Series
#1  THE LISTENER: A short story
#2  VIRTUE FALLS: Full-Length Thriller
#3  THE RELATIVES: A short story
#4  OBSESSION FALLS: Full-Length Thriller
#5  LOVE NEVER DIES: A short story
#6  BECAUSE I’M WATCHING: Full-Length Thriller with two bonus chapters from:
#7  THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM: Full-Length Thriller, today!

A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT: A compilation of three short stories: THE LISTENER, THE RELATIVES, and LOVE NEVER DIES, as well as extras from the Virtue Falls series.

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