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— I’ve published LADY IN BLACK, a full-length romantic suspense of 70,000 words/300 pages, for your reading pleasure, and published it for KindleNookKobo and iTunes!
— Read the steamy excerpt (in red).

Dear Ones, I have a confession. I’m an author who enjoys reading her own books. If you think about it, this makes sense. I only write stories I would want to read, and reading is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. LADY IN BLACK is the fourth book I wrote, a full-length romantic suspense, and the romance between Reid and Margaret is still fresh, exciting … and intense!  Now … read a steamy excerpt, then order LADY IN BLACK from KindleNookKobo and iTunes!
     Reid’s hand went to Margaret’s cheek, and he stroked it. “Wouldn’t you like to discover my secrets? I’m only a man, after all, and you might find what’s between us isn’t as cataclysmic as you fear.”

     He might be a man, but he wasn’t only a man. And the cataclysm she feared shook her even now, after only a kiss. “I’m refusing you.”

     He stared, eyes stunned, then shot across the bathroom. With a wealth of bitterness, he accused, “You’d care for a rabid dog and destroy a lover who’s had all his shots.” Reaching into the shower, he adjusted the temperature.

     “I have the right to refuse you,” she said, sliding off the counter.

     “Yes, you do. And I have the right to take a cold shower.” He walked in, slapping the door shut behind him.

     “Don’t be foolish.” She followed and swung the frosted glass door wide.

     His work-out outfit sopped up water. Water turned his hair black and ran in rivulets off his face. He glared. “Run away while you can, little girl.”

     She felt quite unlike the rational butler she knew herself to be. “You can’t expect me to leave when so much is unsettled.”

     “Then come in. Perhaps this cold water will thaw that frozen interior.”

     That made her mad, as mad as he seemed to be. “I must be frigid,” she mocked, stepping in. “That’s the only reason any woman could resist you.”

     “How true that is.” He pulled his sweat shirt off and flung it through the open shower door at the mirror where it splatted water all over the glass, the sinks, the tile.

     A tantrum. He was throwing a tantrum.

     “Now look what you did,” she said. “I’ll have to send one of the maids in to clean up the—” She turned back to face him. She faltered.

     The sunshine filtering through the window flattered him. She’d seen it all before. Shouldn’t she be inoculated against the stroke of light and shadow over his skin? Shouldn’t she know that strength was merely an illusion and that her belief that he could hold and protect her was nothing more than a wistful fantasy?

     She bent down, pulled off her one wet, black leather heel and tossed it after the sweat shirt.

     “Now look what you’ve done.” He imitated her in high falsetto. “I’ll have to call one of the maids to clean up.”

     “God, you’re a jackass.”

     He laughed with deliberate insolence. “God, you’re a tease.”

     “I’m not!”

     He laughed again, and she followed his gaze down to herself. Her jacket sagged about her shoulders, baring her bosom where the clinging white of a silk button-up shirt hid nothing. Her bra was obviously unruly, for one chilled nipple thrust itself above the cup and dared him to take notice.

     He noticed.

     He burned like an oil fire, yet he controlled the flame with a mighty stillness, and his lips scarcely moved as he warned, “Run. Away. Now.”

Order LADY IN BLACK from KindleNookKobo and iTunes!

After you’ve read LADY IN BLACK, please consider writing an online review. A couple of sentences saying what you thought of the romance and the suspense would be great! Enjoy LADY IN BLACK, and have a wonderful week, whatever you have planned! Best, Christina Dodd/ Cool suspense, hot romance.

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