Today! OBSESSION FALLS in paperback and eBook!

    June 28, 2016

    Dear Ones,

    Here’s a brief excerpt of OBSESSION FALLS, out today in paperback and discounted in eBook:

      Taylor ran. Into view of the hit men. To distract them. From the kid.
      To attract their attention. To her.
      To give the kid a chance to escape.
      Stupid, stupid plan.
      She zigged out into the meadow, then zagged back behind the boulder.
      A gunshot. She heard the gunshot. Loud. Sharp. Cruel.
      So they’d seen her. Yay.
      She glanced behind her.
      Seamore Dash Roberts came around the boulder, pistol in hand. Moving fast.
      She had the lead.
      But he was a running back. Got the nickname “Dash” because he was fast.
      Bad. Very bad.
      To beat him, she had to run straight toward the trees as fast as she could.
      To live, she needed to zigzag.
      She ran straight.
      A shot rang out.
      He missed. Because he had a pistol. That was good for her. Pistols were meant for close work. Hard to aim. Best he could do was thirty to forty feet if he was skilled, and he’d have to stop to really get a bead on her.
      The forest. She had to get to the forest.
      Run as hard as you can.
      She reached the shelter of the trees.
      She’d made it.
      Again, she glanced back.
      He stopped, braced his feet, raised his pistol.
      She ducked behind a tree.
      A shot shattered the bark beside her.
      She ran again, took a left.
      Another shot.
      She should be counting. He only had six shots … unless that was an automatic pistol in which case —
      This was no time for math.
      Run, damn it.

    Bookbub said, “If you’re a fan of Nora’s In Death series, you’ll delight in this tale of suspense by another master of the genre.” (See all the honors!) You can buy OBSESSION FALLS in eBooks Kindle, Nook, Kobo, GooglePlay, iBooks or in paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million or at your local independent bookstore.

    OR! If you’re in the Houston, Texas area, come to my autographing tonight!

    Tuesday, June 28 at 6:30pm
    Murder by the Book
    2342 Bissonnet Street
    Houston, TX 77005

    With every book purchase you’ll receive your choice of a lavender sachet, a lavender sugar scrub or (if you’re allergic to lavender), a book cover flat. Also with every book purchase free snark, humor and all your questions answered (except stuff like my weight.) I’d love to meet you; I hope you can come!

    I’m also doing stock signings tomorrow at Blue Willow Books and Katy Books. Details here!

    We’ve got the Goodreads contest for 100 arcs of BECAUSE I’M WATCHING, out September 6 and retailing in hardcover for $26.95. (You are entered, aren’t you???) We’ve got the new Virtue Falls e-short story, LOVE NEVER DIES, with 48 Amazon reviews and 4.8 stars. We’ve got the OBSESSION FALLS paperback, out today. And more exciting book news is on the way!

    We’re off to a great start to the summer reading season…


    Christina Dodd
    New York Times Bestselling Author of
    The Virtue Falls series
    The Darkness Chosen series
    The Governess Brides series

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