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    September 10, 2016

    In this newsletter:

      BECAUSE I’M WATCHING is Amazon’s #1 September Romance!!!
      — New, less graphically worded excerpt for BECAUSE I’M WATCHING! Spare your blushes!
      — We’re making a Christina Dodd BECAUSE I’M WATCHING reader collage! We need your photo with the book! See below for instructions

    Dear Ones,

    When good stuff happens, I have to brag to a friend, and that’s you. BECAUSE I’M WATCHING is Amazon’s #1 September Romance!!! The Amazon Romance editor said, “I’ve enjoyed Dodd’s Virtue Falls romantic suspense series, but this newest entry is absolutely gripping…a mesmerizing read.” (You can see her list here.) This is the first time this has happened and it’s a Very Big Deal. :high five!:


    I have been informed that, because of the specific words in the excerpt, a lot of you didn’t receive the last newsletter. I considered substituting the terms “who-ha” and “shonga-longa-ding-dong” and sending the same excerpt… But that would be immature :sulk: so I’m sending a different excerpt.

          Jacob found himself on his feet and limping onto the street, following Madeline Hewitson, the bane of his life. He called her softly. “Maddie.”
          She pretended he wasn’t there.
          She passed the last house, the one that clung to the edge of the crumbling cliff. She swerved left to avoid walking into the metal traffic barrier.
          He broke into a painful run, caught up with her, grabbed her arm as she was taking that last, long step into the waves twenty feet below. “Maddie!”
          She reacted quickly, like someone waking from a dream.
          Abruptly, he realized—that was it. She’d been sleepwalking. He shouldn’t have woken her like that.
          Too late. She looked at him wide-eyed and terrified. She opened her mouth. She screamed. — BECAUSE I’M WATCHING, out now!

    — Of course you can buy BECAUSE I’M WATCHING, Amazon’s #1 Romance for September (did I mention that already? ), in hardcover from Amazon and for your Kindle.
    or from your favorite bookstore, or online at:
    Books-A-Million, IndieBound, Barnes & Noble,
    Nook, GooglePlay, Kobo, iBooks


    Somehow the hours for today’s autographing at Seattle Mystery Bookstore got mixed up and the bookstore has been advertising noon-1pm. I was told hours were 10-noon. So they’ve been saying one time and I’ve been saying another. I’ll arrive at 11am and stay until 1pm. Does that work for you? If you had made plans to come to the autographing 10am-11am and can’t make it later, email me at and I’ll do everything in my power to get there to see you.

    As before, the autographing at Page 2 Books in Burien starts at 3:30pm.

    All information is on my appearances page on my website. Remember, there’s a free lavender sachet with every book purchase!


    But what if you’re not in the Seattle area? I’d love to see your face! Send a photo of you holding BECAUSE I’M WATCHING in hardcover or you with your eReader (BECAUSE I’M WATCHING cover or title showing) to My assistant, Judie, offered to make me a collage. She wants to use it on social media. I want it for wallpaper on my computer. That way I’ll have photos of my family, photos of my stone circle, and photos of my readers.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments on my website survey and in your reviews, and for your constant support. This writer truly appreciates it all!

    Christina Dodd
    New York Times bestselling author of the Virtue Falls series:
    #1 THE LISTENER: A Virtue Falls short story
    #2 VIRTUE FALLS: The First Virtue Falls Full-Length Thriller
    #3 THE RELATIVES: A Virtue Falls short story
    #4 OBSESSION FALLS: A Virtue Falls Full-Length Thriller
    #5 LOVE NEVER DIES: A Virtue Falls short story
    #6 BECAUSE I’M WATCHING: A Virtue Falls Full-Length Thriller
    On October 18, on your request, I’m putting the three Virtue Falls series short stories into one volume, A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT. Also included will be never-before-read scenes that were deleted from the books and other extras.

    “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.“ — Catherine Aird

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