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From three bestselling authors known for their rich characters and emotionally charged stories come three full-length contemporary romances filled with family, secrets, passion … and love.

Emily March, New York Times bestseller and author of the beloved Eternity Springs series,

It’s difficult to keep secrets in a small town, but in Brazos Bend, one secret has been simmering for years — the identity of Kate Harmon’s baby’s father. Now that all the players are back in town and the truth is revealed, will scandal tear her family apart? Or will Kate find a second chance at love … with a man who’s afraid to hope for redemption?

Nicole Burnham, RITA Award winner and creator of the deliciously wicked Royal Scandals series,

One magical summer, young Megan Hallberg met—and loved—Prince Stefano Barrali. When Megan tried to tell him she was pregnant, she learned he was engaged to a beautiful aristocrat. To protect her unborn child from the media frenzy, Megan kept the infant’s parentage a secret. Now, ten years later, bachelor Stefano unexpectedly appears. Torn between passion and a need to protect her daughter, Megan wonders if the larger-than-life prince will be her destiny…or her downfall.

Christina Dodd, New York Times bestselling author of her heart-rending romantic suspense series,
Lost Hearts, offers JUST THE WAY YOU ARE:

Mystery and misery scar their young lives. Three sisters and their foster brother are torn apart by tragedy and scattered across the country to grow up apart. Now Hope Prescott searches for her lost siblings, and finds Zack, a humble man she can love. Then secrets and betrayal tear them apart…Can Zack solve the mystery that haunts Hope’s past to prove their futures lie together?

FAMILY SECRETS…only $5.99 for three complete novels.


And now, read three short excerpts, one from each full-length novel contained in FAMILY SECRETS!

From Christina Dodd: JUST THE WAY YOU ARE Excerpt

"Come on,” Hope said. “I'm going to be a lot more comfortable in the kitchen."

Griswald retrieved the chicken soup she had brought him and indicated she should precede him down a shadowy hall. "Why?"

"Mr. Givens’s home is like a museum. I'm afraid I'll break something."

He shrugged. "It can all be replaced."

"Really? So there aren't any genuine pieces of art here?" She walked backward so she could face him and shake this feeling of being pursued. "If I broke an antique, wouldn't I find myself washing dishes for the rest of my life trying to pay off the bill?"

"This isn't a restaurant. We don't charge our guests for breakage." He caught her arm and pulled her toward him. "But if you're worried, you might want to watch where you're going." He steered her around a small side table crowned by a tall, blown glass vase.

"I won't run into anything," she assured him. "You don't have to hang on to me."

He looked down at her, and his lids were heavy. "I like holding you."

"Oh." Oh, dear. That was a problem, because she liked it, too. From their telephone conversations, she knew him to be forceful and determined. Now that she saw him, now that he touched her, he created a longing that both compelled her and made her want to run as far and as fast as she could. If she were smart, she would run.

Obviously, she had lost all her smarts. And her conversation, for she couldn't think of one word to say as they walked together as close as lovers.

She couldn't think like that. Certainly not about a man she'd just met. A man … who was obviously ill. "You're running a fever." She halted. "Let me feel your forehead."

"My mother says you can't tell a fever unless you use your lips."

Darn. Her mother had always said the same thing. With a credible imitation of insouciance, Hope said, "Very well." Sliding her hand around his neck, she brought him close and pressed her lips on his forehead.

Cool. Startled, she tried in another spot, and another. He wasn't running a fever. Running her palm down the side of his face, she massaged his shoulder, passed her hand down his arm. "But you're so warm!"

"And rapidly getting warmer." He smiled, a slow stretching of his lips.

His first smile. Possibly ever, if she was any judge. And that smile made her realize — she was stroking him. Stroking him as if he were a great cat and she a lion tamer — and she knew very well she was nothing of the sort.

Not with this kind of lion. Not with this kind of man.

From Nicole Burnham: SCANDAL WITH A PRINCE Excerpt

Megan forced herself not to flinch as Prince Stefano came within arm's reach. She hadn't thought it possible his appearance could improve over the years, but it had. He'd become broader, stronger, more confident...more him.

Of course, his most distinctive physical characteristic could never change. His eyes were a clear sea green with a distinct ring around each iris, as if Picasso himself had taken up a narrow paintbrush to edge the green in black. She remembered all too well the last time she'd looked into those eyes. She'd been twenty-two, as had Stefano. They each sported grubby clothes that evening, having worked the entire day to finish installing a water system, but they'd been unwilling to use a single precious moment to change, knowing it was their final night together before returning to their separate lives. Their real lives.

He'd threaded his long fingers through her hair as they stood on a secluded beach not far from the village. Even in the waning light of the setting sun, she'd seen the deep passion in those green eyes. "I will never, ever forget you," he'd whispered before pulling her into a heart-stopping, explosive kiss. "These have been the best days of my life."

It felt surreal to look into those same eyes now, knowing she'd been forgotten within weeks, perhaps even days, relegated to what would become a long, long line of disposable women. A decade's worth of women, starting with the one to whom he'd become engaged less than a month after leaving Venezuela. The one to whom he'd run, barefoot, across the palace courtyard in a photo that appeared around the world, intriguing even those who'd never heard of the Barrali royal family.

Yet she couldn't have forgotten Stefano Barrali, even if she'd wanted to forget. Emotion threatened to overwhelm her as he stood before her, reaching out to take the hand she extended as if she were on autopilot. Before he could speak, undoing her with his whiskey-rich voice, she managed a calm, "Prince Stefano, it's an honor to have you here at the Grandspire. I hope you're enjoying your time in Barcelona."

He wrapped his large hand around hers, the touch shaking her very center. Searching out any excuse to break eye contact, she glanced toward Mahmoud and thanked him for the introduction. It was an act of sheer self-preservation out of fear Stefano could see to her soul, revealing both the wild lust coursing through her and the secret she'd kept hidden for so long.

Twenty floors above them, in the expansive suite that served as Megan's residence while she worked on the hotel's revitalization, a young girl with sea-green eyes and the same dark, wavy hair as Stefano sat at a desk, under the supervision of Megan's parents, finishing her homework.

A young girl conceived that very night on the beach.

From Emily March: MY BIG OLD TEXAS HEARTACHE Excerpt

"Where's a light?" he murmured against her mouth. "I want to see you."

A lamp sat on a table a short step away and Kate reached for it. As her hand closed over the switch, she knew a moment of insecurity and hesitated. The darkness hid flaws. She wasn't a teenager anymore. She'd had a child. She had a few faded stretch marks.

She'd had a child. She'd had his child. If he didn't like it, he could keep his eyes closed.

His fingers closed over hers and the lamp clicked on. His gaze made a slow, heated journey over her from head to toe. "You are breathtaking, Kate."

Kate shuddered at his husky tone. His hand drifted over her stomach, caressing her, teasing her. Arousal pulsed through her, raw and hot and fresh. She yearned. She needed. She craved. "There's a couch behind you."

"Yeah?" His fingers dipped inside her panties, stroked and explored her. A little moan escaped her. "The bed. We made it this far. Take me to your bed."

His hands never left her body as she headed toward the hallway leading to the guest room where she slept on her visits. She heard the thump, followed immediately by Max's shout and whirled around.

"Dammit!" He leaned against an easy chair and held his bare foot. "What did I kick?"

She glanced down at the cast-iron dachshund boot scraper that belonged on the front porch. "Who brought that inside? Are you okay, Max?"

"I think I broke my toe."

"Oh, no!" she exclaimed. She glared at the boot scraper, wanted to kick it herself. Wanted to cry. "Let me go get you some ice."

"No. Uh-uh. I don't need ice. I need you, Kate."

"But we can't--"

"Sure we can," he said, his scowl as fierce as his tone. "We have to. If we don't, my balls will be as blue as my foot."

She couldn't help it. She started to giggle. He turned a pained glare in her direction, but the twitch of his lips told her he saw the amusement in the moment, too. "You want me to kiss it and make it better?”

"Oh, yeah. Definitely. Most definitely. I better warn you, though." He lowered his injured foot to the ground, and carefully stood. "I hurt everywhere."

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