Behind the Bookshelf EVERY SINGLE SECRET event!

Join me for the first live event on Behind the Bookshelf, my Facebook reader group, while we discuss my newest suspense release, EVERY SINGLE SECRET!

Date: Monday, April 8
Time: 10am
Place: Behind the Bookshelf

Bing your questions and comments. There will be fun surprises!

Not a BTB member yet? You do have to be signed in to Facebook, and you do have to answer the tough questions like, “What’s your favorite Christina Dodd book?” (You can say “All of them,” I’m very susceptible to flattery.) 😊 It’s free and fun. Assistant Jill has already run contests, including one for a copy of the 3-armed cover(!) donated by dear Reader Carol! So join us and we’ll have a great time

I look forward to seeing you at Behind the Bookshelf.


Did you know I have another book coming in 2024? Read all about it!

I’m the daughter of Romeo and Juliet.

Yes, that Romeo and Juliet. The one that Shakespeare wrote about.

No, they didn’t die in the tomb. Rumors of their deaths were greatly exaggerated. In fact, they’re alive and well and the parents of seven kids. I’m the oldest, with the emphasis on ‘old’—a certified spinster at twenty, and happy to stay that way. It’s not easy to keep your taste for romance with parents like mine. Picture it—constant monologues, passionate declarations, fighting, making up, making out . . . it’s exhausting.

…This smart-aleck female is my newest creation, Rosie Montague (Rosaline if I’m in trouble), and the book is A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA, coming June 25, 2024 in hardcover, eBook and audiobook.

The whole thing is Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s fault. Or maybe Jayne Ann Krentz’s. Probably my daughter Arwen is the one most to blame. Or to praise. It depends on how you look at it. Let’s start there. READ MORE!

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