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Cara nodded toward Dean. “I just wanted to welcome you to the project and Pollux Engineering. My boss asked me to look out for you.” She turned to Fiona. “And I wanted to ask if you want to bunk together. Unless I get a better offer.”

With Cara sitting between them, he barely caught Fiona’s smile and the amusement in her eyes as she shook her head, clearly having a good idea of what Cara meant by “better offer.” “Christina arrives the day after tomorrow, so she’ll bunk with me. Maybe if there aren’t any other women on this expedition, you’ll get lucky and get your own tent.”

“Well, that would make it easier if a better offer comes along.” She gave Dean a sideways glance, and he got her message loud and clear.

If this were a photography assignment, he’d eagerly take her up on the offer. He was a fan of short, proximity-driven flings that could go nowhere. But he wasn’t here on a freelance assignment and getting laid ranked dead last on his list of priorities.

Cara might be able to give him information on Pollux and Dylan’s role in the company, but she hadn’t been here when the project had ended abruptly five weeks ago, so it wouldn’t be worth cozying up to her to find out what she knew.

No. He had to focus all his energy and attention on Fiona Carver. Even if it meant hitting on his brother’s girlfriend.

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