My Virgin Podcast!

The Not Boring Book Show asked me to be a guest, it was my first podcast. and I confess, I was nervous. Would I be witty? Intelligent?

The roof is on!

Remember important facts…like my name?

It’s definitely not boring! The hosts, Stacy and Angela, are entertaining and funny, they asked great questions, and we ended up cackling about the treehouse, the three-armed cover, and my absolute idiocy when I started writing (I started right after I gave birth to our first daughter, because, “How much trouble can one little baby be?”) We discussed details about how I wrote THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM and they gasped about DEAD GIRL RUNNING (very satisfying for me!) The hosts and I even got serious about my readers and how words and stories bind us and guide us. I hope you enjoy! 

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