POINT NEXT MONTH: POINT LAST SEEN publication date now July 26

The Husband: “Toothpicks? I can’t find toothpicks? Toothpicks are caught in the supply chain?”

The Daughter: “Cucumber plants? There are pepper plants, tomato plants, basil plants, but no cucumber plants? Cucumber plants are caught in the supply chain?”

My agent: “I spoke to your publisher and due to unforeseen circumstances, they’ve had to move the POINT LAST SEEN publication date from June 21 to July 26.”
Me: “What unforeseen circumstances???”
Agent: “Supply chain.”

Me, spinning the story like crazy: “I’m pleased to announce you have an extra month to order your copy of POINT LAST SEEN, the full-length suspense set in Gothic, California where, ‘On stormy nights, Gothic is said to disappear, and on its return it brings lost souls back from the dead.’”


You’ll enjoy the POINT LAST SEEN excerpt!

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