Wine, Cheese and Technical Difficulties with Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Christina Dodd

Wine, Cheese and Technical Difficulties with Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Christina Dodd
Filmed Wednesday, November 19 at 4CT

— 3:53CT, text from Jayne Ann Krentz: “You may have to start without me I’m having computer problems here.”

— At that exact moment, upstairs in my office where I will be filming, I seat myself in my chair, adjust my computer, and see Susan Elizabeth Phillips in a promotional video wearing a leopard print shirt JUST LIKE THE LEOPARD PRINT SWEATER I’M WEARING!!

— I race downstairs, tearing off my sweater, shirt, necklace. The Husband races after me, shouting, “What are you doing?” (Actually, when I tear off my shirt, he always races after me. Which is why our marriage has lasted since the earth crust cooled.) In my closet, I do a frantic reconnaissance, grab a blue shirt and black jacket, put them on. The Husband says I need color; I find a carmine necklace (also a reason we’ve been married since the earth’s crust cooled, he gives good jewelry) and race upstairs.

— 3:58 Phone rings. SEP says, “Where are you?” I tell her I’m ready, sit down, adjust shirt, jacket, necklace. We go live.

—4:02 Jayne Ann Krentz appears, computer problems fixed, and we’re off and running.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips brought a cheese stick. Jayne Ann Krentz brought an unopened bottle of wine. We promised wine, cheese and technical difficulties — and we delivered.

As Susan says, when we start talking she forgets we’re live and she loses her filter. I didn’t know Susan had a filter, but I guess it’s true of all of us — when we get together we chat about the books you love, and about friendship.
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