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    November 19, 2018

Book sale!

What: VIRTUE FALLS (Virtue Falls Series #1) eBook

When: Today only, Nov. 19

How much: $1.99

Description: An earthquake; a tsunami; communication lines down everywhere; a resurfacing serial killer; a gorgeous, talented woman haunted by her mother’s murder; an ex-husband FBI agent wrestling with his past and his most difficult case. …Keeps you guessing and gripped to the page. —Barnes and Noble Editor recommendation

Where: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, iBooks

Excerpt: In Virtue Falls Canyon after the earthquake:
      Elizabeth pushed his hair off his forehead, and whispered, “Garik.” She wanted to say more: take me, love me, need me. And she knew he would do all those things. But talk to me? Not so much.
      “In my truck,” he murmured, “there’s a blanket. We could put it on the seat. I could take off your clothes and kiss you here” — he touched her mouth — “and here” — he touched her breast — “and…here.” He slid his finger between her legs.
      She tilted her head back, seduced, tempted, shuddering with … No. Wait. She opened her eyes, saw the green pines trembling against the blue sky — and realized that wasn’t the earth moving for her. It was moving.
      “Earthquake,” he said hoarsely. “Earthquake!”
      She jumped up, scrambled away from him, gave him room to stand.
      He vaulted to his feet, too, his mouth tight with tension, his hands held at ready for battle. But what would he battle here and now? If the walls of the canyon came down, he could do nothing about it.
      The walls did fail: plumes of dirt rose up and down the river.
      The shaking increased.
      Roughly he pulled her close.
      Two great boulders ripped off the canyon rim and plummeted down the slope. One boulder missed them by twenty feet. The smaller boulder bounced into a nearby massive pile of brush. Dust rose. The boulder hung there like a bird’s egg in a nest, then subsided, sliding all the way to the ground.
      The shaking became trembling, then ceased.
      She clung to Garik anyway, and remembered the other thing she had so loved about him — when he held her in his arms, she felt safe and cherished.
      Then he pushed her back, and looked down at her accusingly, no doubt remembering her assurances about how she was safe here in Virtue Falls Canyon.
      Then she saw it. Sprawled on the pile of brush, revealed by the broken branches. She freed herself, and walked closer, hypnotized by the sight of … bones. Bones … shattered secrets revealed by this day’s disaster. Bits of flesh clung to these bones, and clothing … a flowered dress, marked by mud and a dark, ominous stain.
      Elizabeth knelt by the outstretched, skeletal hand.
      The ring was gone from the finger, but she recognized the material of the dress. She recognized the body. In a calm voice that seemed to come from a great distance, she said, “This is my mother.”

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Dear Ones,

This book sale ($1.99!) is a dream come true and yes, you’re right, a first for the series. VIRTUE FALLS introduces you to the whole madly eccentric, wildly charming and small but murderous town of Virtue Falls and begins the Virtue Falls experience that has lasted through four full-length books and four short stories, and extended into the Cape Charade series starring Kellen Adams.

As one of my dear and witty readers said on Instagram, “If I lived in Virtue Falls, I’d die of a heart attack every time a door creaked. Statistically, the chance of living a cozy, comfortable and safe life in Virtue Falls are slim. Every time I visit this town, I thank the Frog God that I am an invisible and innocent (yet terrible eager) reader who lives far, far, far away.

Today only, $1.99, VIRTUE FALLS. Please share this letter with your reader friends, then go forth and buy!


Christina Dodd
New York Times Bestselling Author

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