Annual Crawfish Feed and Tour My Office!

    May 18, 2016

    Dear Ones,

    Husband and I had our annual crawfish feed and my daughter brought crawfish hats — and of course I had to wear one. Obviously, Ritter thought I was insane. He’s a dog. So he knows best.


    I’m so excited to show you the new endpapers for the BECAUSE I’M WATCHING hardcover. Aren’t they gorgeous? They fit the spooky tone of the story and let you know our heroine is traveling along a lonely road to her showdown with fate.


    I asked on my website survey if you’d like to see me answer more questions on video. A lot of you said Yes! A lot of you said, No, write the books! So I’ll only do the occasional video answering your questions, how’s that?

    Two videos I thought you might enjoy are the tour of my office (26 seconds) with its glorious view and the best bookshelves ever — and the recent tree-cutting (20 seconds) to continue the clean up after the big storm when, you’ll remember, the tree fell on our house. All videos are on my video page and on my YouTube Channel.

    Feel free to share this letter with your friends who love to win books, who love great bookshelves, and who love videos of big trees smacking down.

    Christina Dodd
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    When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before. — Mae West

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