Cake, contest and hugs

    March 14, 2020

Recently I drove The Husband to Seattle to catch a plane to visit his father, and stayed a few days in the city. I was in the midst of downtown, and because Amazon, Facebook and all the heavily electronics based firms requested their people work from home, the streets were empty. It seemed like the safest place in Washington State (Want to take a look? I made a brief video.) Friend Jayne Ann Krentz and I met for lunch, had a glass of wine, and kept a safe distance while enjoying our conversations. With 36 deaths in and around Seattle (as of this writing), we’re taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. Please follow the guidelines for hand washing, face touching, disinfecting and, if possible, staying out of public places. But do go for a walk. Stay healthy! I know this is a difficult time, and my readers are precious to me. :virtual hugs:

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Anniversary cake!

30th Publishing Anniversary Contest winners

St. Patrick’s Day Contest: win books from 8 different bestselling authors

— A well deserved thanks

Anniversary Cake

Sometimes in an author’s career there comes a moment that resonates with emotion. I had one of those times on Saturday February 8 when, at The Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale AZ, those wonderful booksellers presented me with a cake and balloons to celebrate my 30th publishing anniversary. I was reminded of my first autographing at the bookstore where I was a bookseller (Carol’s Book Corner in Houston) when a customer presented me with a cake she’d had decorated with the cover of my first published book, CANDLE IN THE WINDOW.

Yep, I shed a few tears.
Then I ate cake.

Both cakes were yummy. I wish I could share them with you all, dear friends. (Want to view more photos? Click here.) Thank you for a wonderful 30 years!

[photo: 30th anniversay cake][photo: First_Autographing]

As an author and reader, during these tough times I’m concerned about the fate of such great independent bookstores like The Poisoned Pen. If you feel the same way, give your independent bookstore a visit or if that’s not possible, call and have them ship you a book or five. Want an autographed Christina Dodd book? The Poisoned Pen has signed copies of STRANGERS SHE KNOWS! Call toll free (888) 560-9919 or order online.

30th Publishing Anniversary Contest winners

[photo: Prize from Karin]
[photo: Seattle Flowers]

Thank you to everyone who wrote to congratulate me on thirty years of publication, and thank you for celebrating with me by entering the contests for books, lavender sachets and Barnes & Noble gift certificates.

Congratulations to our three newsletter winners…

St. Patrick’s Day Contest

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s your chance to win books from eight different bestselling authors. There’s a literary pot o’ gold waiting at the end of the rainbow for one lucky winner. Enter to win books by me, Susan Mallery, Lisa Wingate, Diane Chamberlain and…

A Well Deserved Thanks

Finally… For those of you who, while you stay at home, are catching up on your reading, here’s my printable downloadable booklist sorted by genre, series and in order.

Here’s my Books by Series page with covers and clickable links to short synopses, excerpts and buy links.

For those of you who can’t work from home: the people who clean the planes, the flight attendants, the hairdressers, the medical personnel who care for the sick and elderly, the reporters, those who stock toilet paper on grocery shelves, so so many more—from those of us who fly, are ill, need information, and grocery shop, thank you so much.


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