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    April 13, 2018

Dear Ones,
You entered the DEAD GIRL RUNNING contest (thank you for your patience with the glitch and again, I’m so sorry!) the letters have gone out to the winners. An exciting footnote: I managed to acquire an additional 12 arcs (through totally legal means which involved piteously begging my publisher), so we gave arcs and 50% off coupons to, um, 36 domestic winners and one international winner! Stick with me, kids, I’m looking out for you!

Now … let’s talk about more cool things occurring with DEAD GIRL RUNNING.

Get HARD TO KILL, Cape Charade short story #1 as a bonus read

I got a letter from an esteemed reader (waving at Caryn) asking why I was teasing about HARD TO KILL, the short story prequel to DEAD GIRL RUNNING. I wasn’t exactly teasing; at the time, I didn’t know the whole story, but I’ve got it now.

My publisher, HQN Books, made a deal with a book distributor to add the short story as a bonus to the trade paperback when you buy DEAD GIRL RUNNING at any of these U.S. stores:

Target, HEB, Meijer, Shopko, Wal-mart, Fred Meyer, Giant Eagle, Military, and Kroger.

— The exclusive edition will only be available in print in the physical stores, so you have to walk in and buy it. All these stores will carry it unless they have a very small book department.

— Only the books with the bullseye that says, “Exclusive BONUS STORY Included” include HARD TO KILL, and the story is at the back. It’s the prequel, so if you buy this edition, read it first.

— If you’re reading DEAD GIRL RUNNING as a hardcover or eBook, HARD TO KILL comes out as an e-read on August 1. My publisher will set the price.

— If you pre-ordered your copy from an online store, can you cancel it so you can buy the edition with the bonus story?
Of course! That’s why I’m telling you ahead of time. You’re on my mailing list. I value you as a loyal reader. I want you to be happy.

Free Audio Chapter!

Another bonus — to whet your appetite, you can enjoy chapter two of DEAD GIRL RUNNING in audio; the voice talent is Vanessa Johansson. Whether you plan to read DEAD GIRL RUNNING or listen, as Vanessa acts out the book, it will give you a thrill.


Dead Girl Running is the perfect book for fans of The Girl on the Train.“ — Parade Magazine

If you’re still obsessing over Girl on the Train, Dodd’s new release will be your new addiction.
@BritandCo, 7 New Thrilling Reads to Give You the Chills

As you can see, two different and esteemed magazines have reviewed DEAD GIRL RUNNING and favorably compared it to GIRL ON THE TRAIN. Not that I object to DEAD GIRL RUNNING being mentioned in the same sentence as a eye-popping bestseller, and the comparison may be true in terms of suspense, but with all due respect to everyone who loved GIRL ON THE TRAIN, I would like to point out that my all characters are likeable, even the villains. Maybe especially the villains.

      Mara turned up the spa lights. “Kellen wants help identifying the body.”
      Destiny gasped. “The body?”
      Every eye was fixed to the towel.
      Mara shook her head. “No, I don’t mean…that’s not the body, it’s clothes.”
      Kellen pushed magazines off the low table, placed the towel in the middle and opened it. She stepped back and gestured. “It’s not much. We think she was wearing a dress and the white rubber thing is a tennis shoe sole with some of the canvas attached.” Her hands didn’t shake; being here with these women helped her get a grip on herself.
      In a voice that sounded as if it was coming from far away, Mara said, “I never get used to seeing the sad scraps of another person’s life.”
      Kellen looked at her in surprise. How many “scraps” had this pretty, competitive female looked at?
      “So it was definitely a lady?” Destiny asked in a wobbly voice.
      Kellen thought of that hip bone. “Definitely a lady.”
      “She was a guest?” Destiny’s voice got higher.
      “There’s no one missing from the area that I’ve heard,” Mara said. Which was no answer.
      But Destiny said, “Good. I mean, not good, but I don’t want to think that’s one of us.”
      Heads nodded.
      “That cloth was against her skin?” Ellen dragged a table lamp over to the table and knelt on the rug to study the scrap. “It was sky blue at one time, cotton or lightweight wool, a natural fabric and probably worn in the summer. There’s a lot of disintegration here, but exposure to dirt, wind and rain will do that. There’s a lot of salt in the air here, too. That should actually preserve the color.”
      Kellen stared at Ellen. The woman was twenty-three, a native of Cape Charade, and had been employed here all her working life. Now she was talking like a CSI investigator.
      Ellen saw the general wariness. “I’m a colorist. I’m a hair dresser. I understand how color fades, and hair is a natural fiber, too…you didn’t get any hair? Did you see hair?”
      Kellen had captured a mental snapshot of the skull. She didn’t want to review it…but she did. “The hair was wet. It looked brown. Maybe ash blonde?”
      “But the hair could be dyed, and that doesn’t get us anywhere.” Sheri Jean was impatient.
      Even more impatient was Frances. “How are we supposed to ID a body based on a scrap of cloth and a piece of tennis shoe?”
      Mara disappeared and came back with a pair of large tweezers. She used the towel to pick up the rubber sole. She poked around inside.
      Sheri Jean continued, “We could pull this apart and still it would be the same shoe that every woman wears when she’s—”
      Mara jerked out the insole.
      A silver ring flew out, landed on the rug, bounced to rest at Destiny’s feet.
      Mara dropped the shoe.
      The room settled into a profound silence, marred only by the soothing spa harp music that played in the background. Then—screams, high pierced and terrified.
      Like a cartoon character afraid of a mouse, Destiny jumped onto a chair and shrieked and pointed.
      Xander stood in one smooth movement and stepped away.
      Kellen tried to calm them down. “It’s a ring. It’s okay…”
      Heads shook wildly.
      Kellen got it. There was something about this ring. “What? Tell me. What?”

How about one last review quote from Working Mother Magazine? “This murder mystery is the perfect pairing for a glass of wine and a kid-free night.

DEAD GIRL RUNNING is getting a lot of good buzz, and if you’d like to read all the review quotes, they are here. I always love to read them, but thought you might have a lower tolerance…

Finally, there’s a new pop-up survey on my website. “Do you care what books a favorite author recommends?” and includes choices and a comment box. If you’d like to answer the question and/or make a comment, come to my website and the survey box will appear. Although I don’t have time to answer so many comments, I always read what you have to say!

The zipline will go up as soon as it stops raining…probably just about the time I leave on booktour. A quick reminder, I have autographings scheduled in Poulsbo WA, Vancouver B.C., Burien WA, Chicago IL (Naperville), Scottsdale AZ, Houston TX, some with celebrity author/friends. Since the last letter, an autographing in Los Angeles has been added. Click your area for details.

If you collect autographed books and wish to order a signed copy of DEAD GIRL RUNNING and receive it the week of release, call Page 2 Books 206-248-7248 or order online.

One and a half weeks! Are you excited? As you can see in this video, I am!

Christina Dodd
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