June 3, 2017

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Dear Ones,

Let’s all celebrate! Right this minute, I’m contacting new members of my Virtue Falls Reviewers’ Club and giving them the good news, and everyone gets an exclusive Lacey the Cocker Spaniel excerpt of THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM! (Also, Kateri and Stag are in the scene. ;))

Watch your inbox for a personal email from me to discover if you won a place in the Reviewers’ Club, and follow the instructions to confirm your place. You must confirm within seven days or you will be replaced with another mailing list member who entered the contest!

If you don’t win a spot in the Virtue Falls Reviewers’ Club this time, don’t despair; a few readers will flake out. They won’t confirm (and in a week I’ll be looking for replacements) or they won’t post the required reviews on time (and next year I will be looking for replacements.) I also have some lovely club members who read and review every Virtue Falls book and short story!

Now … enjoy this excerpt of THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM, coming September 5:

Sheriff Kateri Kwinault stopped cold.
Stag Denali kept walking, strolling along the shady forest path toward the sound of burbling water. And the way he walked … swaggering like a conceited ass, like he knew she was watching. At the same time, he held her dog against his chest in the most heart-melting…
No. No melting hearts. Kateri needed to remember who he was and that she didn’t entirely trust him. She hurried, and caught them as they reached the swirling pool under a rushing waterfall.
“There you go, sweetheart.” He put Lacey down. “Hop in.”
He only had to tell the little dog once. She clambered onto fallen log that overhung the pool and leaped, landed with a splash, went under, came up and started swimming upstream, fighting the currents and joyously barking.
“I never knew she liked to swim,” Kateri said.
“Sure.” Stag sat on the log and unlaced his boots. “I figure in high school she was not only the prom queen, she was also the swimming champ and the girl voted most likely to succeed.”
Kateri laughed, because he was so spot on about Lacey’s doggy personality. And she stared, because after he removed his boots and socks, he stood up and stretched, his long arms extending way up — “What are you doing?”
“It doesn’t get hot here often, but when it does, it’s a steamer. I’m going to cool off.” He waded into the stream and offered his hand. “Want to come in?”
She almost put her hand in his, then common sense caught up with her. “No. No, I, um, I’m on duty and the shit has officially hit the fan.”
“I heard about the tourist. I’m sorry. You deserve a break.” That hand remained steadily outstretched.
She noted that he had a scar across his palm, a deep red mark, and his little finger curled almost into his palm. Seemed like the kind of thing she should have noticed before, but she’d always been involved with his other body parts. Right now, she stared fixedly at that hand. “I wish I could. I can’t. Don’t tempt me.”
The hand clenched, disappeared out of her line of vision. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
Out of the corners of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of him falling backward — and the cold splash drenched her, head to toe. “Damn you!” She laughed, and wiped at the water on her uniform. “You are the most—”
“Charming man you’ve ever met?”
“That, too.” She watched him float seemingly without effort and oh, God, it did look refreshing. In more ways than one.
“Lacey’s looking a little more herself.” Stag gestured toward a branch. “Her towel’s hanging over there.”
Kateri took one look. “That’s Lacey’s towel?”
“She was in my car on the new leather seat. She does have dog claws, you know!”
“So you bought her a Barbie beach towel?” She knelt and called her dog.
Lacey paddled toward her.
“It was on sale!” He sounded defensive. As he should.
Kateri started to laugh.
Then he stood.
She froze.
Water ran off his hair and face in rivulets that slid under his collar and down his chest. She knew because his blue denim shirt was plastered to his chest and … muscles. In detail. His jeans sagged low on his hips. Really low. The kind of low that if she gave them a tug, she would see London and France, and probably all of the Iberian Peninsula.
This could not be good for her heart.

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Do you remember when the tree fell on our house? Husband used his chainsaw to make pots out of the stumps. Yes, he thoroughly enjoyed himself! See the 15 second video.

Until next time, happy reading!

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