Shred your calendar

    January 2, 2021

WRONG ALIBI fun for you!

— Megan Chance’s A SPLENDID RUIN

Shred your calendar…

What did you do for New Years Eve?

The Husband and I ushered in the new year with our usual wild raucous celebration: Fireworks! Noisemakers! Imaginative cocktails! Crazy party hats!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Kidding. We shared a lovely meal, a nice bottle of wine, went to bed at 10pm…and when we woke up in the morning, it was 2021. Happy New Year.

As you know, on Tuesday WRONG ALIBI came out, and…

— This week on Facebook, Susan Elizabeth Phillips grilled me about WRONG ALIBI, and was so much fun…except because of technical difficulties, we were 10 minutes late. But that doesn’t matter for you — it’s recorded and you can watch it anytime you like! Susan is as humorous and compelling in person as her books are when you read them!

— Thank God when, a few minutes later, we went to Instagram Live, and everything was perfect…almost.

— PJ at the Romance Dish asked questions about WRONG ALIBI, like why I set it in Alaska. She also talked about, “A hopelessly naive protagonist who, through maturity, determination, and dedication, molds herself into a heroine who not only wreaks vengeance on a killer but saves herself in the process, Wrong Alibi is a book you’ll want to read.” Read the review and the interview here.

Midnight Sun Fishing Camp
Katchabiggie Lodge

Five and a half hours a day when the sun rose above the horizon.

Storm clouds so thick, daylight never penetrated, and night reigned eternal.

Thirty below zero Fahrenheit.

The hurricane-force wind wrapped frigid temperatures around the lodge, driving through the log cabin construction and the steel roof, ignoring the insulation, creeping inch by inch into the Great Room where twenty-year-old Petie huddled on a love seat, dressed in a former guest’s flannel pajamas and bundled in a Pendleton Northern Lights wool blanket. A wind like this pushed snow through the roof vents, and she knew as soon as the storm stopped, she’d be up in the attic shoveling it out.

Or not. Maybe first the ceiling would fall in on top of her.

Who would know? Who would care?

The storm of the century, online news called it, before the internet disappeared in a blast that blew out the cable like a candle.

For a second long, dark winter, she was the only living being tending the Midnight Sun cabins and the lodge, making sure the dark, relentless Alaska winter didn’t do too much damage and in the spring the camp could open to enthusiastic fishermen, corporate team builders and rugged individualists.

Alone for eight months of the year. No Christmas. No New Year’s. No Valentine’s Day. No any day, nothing interesting, just dark dark dark isolation and fear that she would die out here.

With the internet gone, she waited for the next inevitable event.


— Are you sick of me talking about myself all the time? Surely that’s impossible ) but just in case, I’m recommending a historical fiction called A SPLENDID RUIN by friend Megan Chance; I wrote a brief review (read here), but don’t believe me — A SPLENDID RUIN has 3,300+ Amazon ratings and is at 4.3 stars! Enjoy!

WRONG ALIBI also has good reviews from magazines and readers who post online (thank you—I appreciate the time you take!), but my laugh out loud favorite came from Reader Cindy, “I just finished it (WRONG ALIBI) and I had never put off using the facilities for so long! I was ‘just going to read a bit more.’” No compliment has ever seemed so heartfelt.

Finally, I did actually celebrate New Years in a unique way. Here’s a video of me shredding my 2020 calendar. You should try this. Vanquishing 2020 was very satisfying.

As always, be safe, be healthy, and happy reading!

Christina Dodd
New York Times bestselling author of

Bigfoot and the Three Bears

In the Alaskan wilderness,
the hunted can become the hunter…

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

Happy New Year to us all!


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