Today and Forever LOVE NEVER DIES!

    March 28, 2016

    Dear Ones,

    Today and forever … LOVE NEVER DIES.

         “This” — I waved my transparent glowing hand around at the towering old trees, concrete fountain, and neglected grass — “used to be a cemetery.”
         “In town, they told me they believed your grave was not moved when the city officials made this a park,” she said.
         A little surprised, I nodded. “Makes sense.”
         “Did you not know?”
         “No. Not that.”
         “You don’t know where your grave is?”
         “Not my grave.”
         At that, she viewed me oddly.
         But bound by whatever rules there were, I couldn’t say more.
         “So, Frank Vincent, what is your story? Why isn’t your spirit at rest?”
         “I made too many mistakes, left too much unfinished, failed too often.”
         “Who did you fail?”
         Not, “How did you fail” but “Who?” Again Areila reminded me of Sofia, intelligent and discerning. Did I dare remember those days gone by when all of life was warm sunshine and new feelings? I missed Sofia every moment of eternity. Surely talking about her would help . . . somehow . . . “I loved a woman,” I said.

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    Christina Dodd
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