What day is this really?

    October 8, 2020

In this newsletter:
— Win a copy of WRONG ALIBI!

Jayne Ann Krentz and Christina Dodd ride again!

— Now! RULES OF SURRENDER out in audio!

— Read WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN free on my website!

After my last newsletter, I got this note from Karen:

I am sorry, but wanted to point out that there is no September 31. Is this a trick for us readers to really read your newsletter, which I always do?

And from Gale:

Um, September 31st??? Okay, I’ve been in quarantine TOO long! :)…Please don’t make this year any longer than it has to be.

Okay! Sheesh! You’re both right! But hasn’t everyone wondered whether on December 31 when the clock strikes midnight, this wretched year won’t be over, it’ll be…December 32?

I can hear you all shrieking, “THAT ISN’T FUNNY!!”

No, it’s not. So let’s take a deep breath and talk exciting book news.

Win a copy of WRONG ALIBI!

My publisher and Goodreads are running a contest for advanced reading copies of WRONG ALIBI, out December 29. Be the first on your block to read it!

While you’re on Goodreads, make sure you put RIGHT MOTIVE (coming November 1) and WRONG ALIBI on your to-read list. That way you’ll receive notice about any further contests. Also, if you like, send me a friend request.

Sadly, because the arc is a paper copy, the contest is U.S. only.

Jayne Ann Krentz and Christina Dodd ride again!

Alas, this year, with the release of WRONG ALIBI, we can’t meet in person. But we can do the next best thing. On January 16 at 6ET/3PT, The Poisoned Pen Bookshop invited Jayne Ann Krentz and me for an autographing and interview and, the cool news — the store will ship us hardcover copies of our books so we can personalize them to you!

More good news: With the first 20 orders, the Poisoned Pen is giving you a free paperback! Order both books — two free paperbacks! But order now.

Now! RULES OF SURRENDER out in audio!

The Distinguished Academy of Governesses opens its doors to train young women for respectable occupations…unfortunately, Miss Charlotte Dalrumple discovers her first position is to teach Lord Wynter Ruskin, sadly uncivilized by his travels abroad, to take his proper place in society. Hint: it doesn’t go well.

Think The King and I with great sex and less singing.

Read WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN free on my website!

It’s that time of year. In NW Washington, the leaves are turning lovely colors and falling, and some crazy people when they go for a walk stomp on the dried leaves to hear them crunch.

Oh, like you’ve never done that.

Yes, it’s the month of Halloween, which is October 31 (looking sideways at Gale and Karen) and it’s time to remind my Darkness Chosen fans that WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN, the Darkness Chosen epilogue, is free to read on my website. The whole story is there. Just scroll down and enjoy to your heart’s content.

If you’re a collector and want your own copy, it’s 99 cents, but it is short, so please first read it on the website.

If you haven’t read the Darkness Chosen series (gasp!), here’s all kinds of information about it:

The Books

How I got the idea

The Legend

The Cast

And a kind of silly interview I wrote for a magazine.
Remember, I did warn you it was silly.

If you haven’t read Darkness Chosen, should you read WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN? Just my opinion, but it’s full of spoilers and if you don’t know the characters, you’ll be wildly unimpressed.

…Finally, now that you’ve read this letter, you have a lot to do:

1. Enter to win WRONG ALIBI.

2. Pre-order autographed books from Poisoned Pen.

3. Listen to the free RULES OF SURRENDER audio excerpt.


5. Most important, be safe and stay well.


Christina Dodd

New York Times Bestselling Author

RIGHT MOTIVE coming Nov. 1
One bear cub, two Bigfoot sightings, three corrupt law officers and a sting operation that will test new police officer Gabriella Donatti to the limits.

WRONG ALIBI coming Dec. 29
“In the Alaskan wilderness, the hunted can become the hunter.”

Printable book list

Books by Series

“Men are like linoleum, lay them right and you can walk on them for twenty years.” —Mae West

That was really sexist, and in the modern world, totally inappropriate. But rather than change the quote, I’ll add one about women. Because you know what? Humor is inappropriate.

“There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 380SL” —Lynn Lavner

Until next time, my dears. Take care!

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