September 19, 2018

WHAT DOESN’T KILL HER — the cover!

Heh, heh. That’s a funny header for this letter. The cover didn’t kill me, but waiting for it almost did. If you’ll recall, my publisher designed a WHAT DOESN’T KILL HER cover, (originally called WHAT DOESN’T KILL ME), then dumped it because the sales department said it looked too much like the first book in the series, DEAD GIRL RUNNING. I agreed. Here, you can see what we mean.

So the Art Department went back to the drawing board with detailed information about the many faces of Kellen Adams with her tough attitude, her broken past, and her emotional turmoil at the wild changes that have come into her life. Let me share the WHAT DOESN’T KILL HER copy:

    One secret, one nightmare, one lie. You guess which is which.
    1.  I have the scar of a gunshot on my forehead.
    2.  I have willfully misrepresented my identity to the US military.
    3.  I’m the new mother of a seven-year-old girl.

    Kellen Adams suffers from a yearlong gap in her memory. A bullet to the brain will cause that. But she’s discovering the truth, and what she learns changes her life, her confidence, her very self. She finds herself in the wilderness, on the run, unprepared, her enemies unknown—and she is carrying a priceless burden she must protect at all costs. The consequences of failure would break her. And Kellen Adams does not break.

    What doesn’t kill her…had better start running.

You see what I mean. There’s a lot to work with here, but to make this person come alive visually…whew! I’m not an artist, and I had no idea what to expect. I about had a heart attack when the email announcing it came into my inbox. I had to drink a cup of tea (it was morning!) before I could open it, and when I did…

But I’ve teased you long enough (you already peeked, didn’t you?) Here is the brand-new cover of WHAT DOESN’T KILL HER!

What do you think? Does it give you an idea of the challenges Kellen Adams faces? Does it make you want to read the book?

Because you’re on my mailing list, you got the first look at the WHAT DOESN’T KILL HER cover, but if you want to offer your opinion, soon I’ll be talking about it (of course!) on my social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.) Or you can send a note back for me to read. Or if you haven’t been on my website lately, you can hop onto my website pop-up survey (current question—Book series: Like or Dislike?) and give me feedback.

Want to know my opinion? Yes, I love the cover. Yes, I would read it. It’s different, eye-popping, and the concept makes me think of how women have to play so many roles in life, and still keep it together. It’s a book for us. (And, I suspect, the guys who read female-driven thriller/suspense understand, too.)

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful autumn, and if you’re facing challenges, remember the saying I’ve kept in mind for Kellen Adams:

“Every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there.”

Until next time,

Christina Dodd
New York Times bestselling author of the
Virtue Falls series starring Kateri Kwinault
Cape Charade series starring Kellen Adams
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