Wild Texas Rose

April 12, 2022
Self Published
Available in: Audio, e-Book

Wild Texas Rose

New York Times bestseller Christina Dodd brings you her classic Western novella, WILD TEXAS ROSE.

“It’s our dance, Rose.” Seated in the old maid row at the country dance, Rose Laura Corey freezes at the sound of that familiar male voice … the voice of the man she once loved, the voice of the man she sent to prison.

Now orphaned and alone, Rose raises the finest horses in Presidio County, Texas. Someone is stealing those horses, and Thorn Maxwell’s return arouses her suspicions … and her long-simmering passions. Rose might be able to stop Thorn from stealing her horses, but can she keep him from stealing her heart?

Listen to an audio excerpt:

Jumping Jehoshaphat, Rose was nude! Not a stitch on! Bare-beamed and buck-naked! In the open, in full daylight, without a shred of self-consciousness or guilt.

Thorn gulped. What a woman. What . . . a . . . woman.

Was that a rifle she was holding?

Oh God, it was.

She had her Winchester, and her hands were mighty steady. And she'd called him a bastard — the first curse word he'd ever heard her use. Deep in his gut, he had the ugly suspicion she would, without remorse, shoot him through the heart.

He'd better think fast.

But she was naked! Nothing on but skin and hair!

And she was magnificent. The sun shone full on her flesh, lighting every curve, every muscle, every part that had never seen the sun before. It shone on the hair of her head, creating a glossy halo.

God, how he loved her.

Unfortunately, that same sunshine shone on the carbine — on the black, well-greased barrel, on the warm brown stock, on the cold, empty mouth that would spit death at him.

Too bad he didn't have the brains to be scared, but all his sense seemed lodged in his pants.

She spoke, and he almost couldn't hear her for the pounding of his heart.

"Get away from the horse," she commanded. "I wouldn't want him hurt if the bullet goes all the way through your nonexistent heart."

"Now, Rose." Thorn tried to free his boot from the stirrup, and found his coordination had disappeared with his eloquence. Maybe it was the fact he couldn't take his gaze off of her. "Now, honey . . ."

She gestured with the barrel. "Get away from the horse."

"Yes, ma'am." With a series of hops, Thorn managed to extricate himself, although he behaved so oddly even his stallion turned his head and watched him in amazement. "But before you kill me, I think there's something you should know."

The blank eye of the barrel followed him as he moved carefully away from the horse and toward a boulder. He thought he might be able to leap behind it — if she shot before he explained. The location placed the sun up and behind him, so it might mess up her aim — if she shot before he explained. Most important, it kept the light full on her, so his last sight on this earth would be Rose — if she shot before he explained.

Might as well die happy.

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