Christina Dodd and the Giant Treehouse

Treehouse plans

Treehouse lumber being delivered








Me to The Husband: “Honey, could you build me a treehouse to use as a summer office?” :imagines a rickety little shack in the trees:
Husband: “Sure!” :draws plans for treehouse that will outlast the pyramids:


I know what you’re thinking. Christina, you’ve been married since the earth’s crust cooled. Do you never learn? Apparently not. This is the man who built a stone circle in the side yard, planted hundreds of lavender plants, decided we should raise an assistance dog, His background is structural design, and he likes Big Projects.

The Husband decided he didn’t want to build a treehouse in a tree, he wanted a free-standing treehouse in the trees so it would last longer. (Remember what I said about the pyramids?) The main treehouse measures 10′ by 12′ and stands about 10′ in the air (depends on where you measure, the ground underneath drops away.) There’s a prow (because it’s a ship, right?) so we painted the top rails

a bright blue (think the ocean.) See the beam at the top? Today we get the 19′ climbing rope that fits there, and I’ll find out whether I can still climb to the top. I could when I was twelve, so why not now? (Update: It’s harder now.)


Let us not forget the platform for 90′ zipline… Oh, did I forget to mention the zipline?

Okay, okay, The Husband didn’t think of the zipline or the climbing rope. That was me. I’m guilty, guilty, guilty. My trainer now calls me, “Princess Christina.”

But I’d like to point out, she’s thrilled about the climbing rope. She has visions of bringing the whole summer bootcamp over to haul their heinies up all nineteen feet. I’ll bet the name they’re going to call me is not, “Princess Christina.”

My workouts these days include lifting giant timbers and climbing to scary heights. But as a bonus, my husband said, “I need you to lean on this pry bar.” Then he looked critically at me. “You don’t weigh enough.” … I love that man.


The rafters are up and as The Husband and I were standing on ladders in the treehouse putting up the trim on the rafter ends, he said, “This is when we need your three-armed heroine.” Amen.

Some of you expressed skepticism that I would use the zipline. Ha! Here’s a video of me riding the


zipline. Hey! I have to have a way to get down, don’t I? The ladder is no fun. FYI, my husband calls this THE WOMAN WHO COULD SCREAM. (more videos — flamethrowers, office tour, the three-armed cover, etc)



Good news! We managed to score furniture for the treehouse. Turns out when you go shopping for outdoor furniture in late September, you can buy $40 chairs for $8. Mind you, they are hideous. But…c’mon! $8!

The roof is on!

And…the shingles are on! The roof is finished! The treehouse is so close to done we can almost taste it, and The Husband is jubilant!

The only thing left is the railing on the steps, and…it has started raining. Which, you may have heard, it does in Western Washington. The official prediction is for rain until July.


Husband: “I’m taking down the zipline for the winter. Do you want one last ride?”
Me: “No, I’m still in my pjs and I’m really stressed and…Sure. Let me put on my bathrobe and slippers.”
Ziplining: The cure for stress.

The Husband is also taking down the climbing rope (that thing is killing me,) and we bid a fond farewell to the treehouse until spring when we plan to install a dumb waiter (okay, a shelf on a rope) to lift appetizers, wine and books. Yes, we are having too much fun. I hope you are, too. Until next spring, happy reading!

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The view from the treehouse toward the zipline.