Darkness Chosen The Legend

A thousand years ago, Konstantine Varinski, a magnificent warrior of savage cruelty, roamed the Russian steppes. Driven by his craving for power, he struck a terrible bargain. In return for the ability to change from a magnificent warrior into a predator that could hunt down his enemies wherever they hid, he promised his soul — and the souls of his descendants — to the devil.

To Konstantine Varinski and to each Varinski since, the devil bequeathed long life and good health. They could not be killed in battle except by another demon. Because of their battle prowess, their endurance and decisiveness, they become rich, respected and feared.

Through czars, Bolsheviks and even presidents, they retained their warrior compound, went where they were paid to go, and with flawless ferocity, crushed uprisings and demanded obedience.

They called themselves THE DARKNESS.Christina_Dodd_Darkness_Chosen

They could breed only sons, a matter of much exultation to them. With each child, they hailed the birth of a new demon, and raised the child to be a ruthless warrior worthy of the name Varinski.

For no Varinski ever falls in love … until one did.

No Varinski ever married … until one did.

No Varinski ever fled the compound and their way of life … until one did.

For the first time, cracks appeared in the solid foundation of the deal with the devil.

Heaven took note.

So did Hell.

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