Christina Dodd’s Easy, Tasty Valentine’s Day Dinner

Christina Dodd Wedding PhotoAs many of you know, my husband and I have been married since the earth’s crust cooled, so I’m going to officially declare our marriage a success — at least until the next time we have a big fight.

My point? We never go out on Valentine’s Day, never have. (Or New Year’s, either.) It’s always crowded and expensive, and on Valentine’s Day the likelihood of getting a good waiter and good food goes down exponentially, not to mention the trouble with getting a reservation early and finding parking. (It’s true, we’re not romantic.) I would rather have my sweetheart make me a meal, and since I’m the cook in the family, the recipes have to be easy to follow and easy to do.

But no matter who’s doing the cooking, the following recipes fulfill everybody’s needs, not to mention they are so good, true love and passion are guaranteed to follow … unless you’re too full, in which case, well, you’ll both be around tomorrow night, too.

Because true love lasts forever.

: Start with a appetizer that is super easy to make and makes a fabulous presentation — my Cheese Plate Extravaganza.  Yes, you can use a cheese plate as a dessert instead, but I think immediately dazzling your sweetheart is a good idea, and nothing is as fun, romantic and sophisticated — and as easily done ahead of time — as a well-done cheese plate.Valentine’s Day menu:

Christina Dodd's Pork Rack & WineMain Course:

My Famous “Get Your Fork Out of the Back of my Hand, I Want the End Slice” Pork Rack

Easy Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Green beans with bacon


You’ll both be full, it’s time to relax. See’s Candy  is my favorite, they have a fabulous selection of all kinds of chocolates, toffees and lollipops, and they have locations in almost every state. There are some great frozen cheesecakes. Last but not least, if your darling loves ice cream, there are some high-end ice creams that are exquisite. Also, not all lovers realize this, but you can also eat the ice cream.

I hope this helps you prepare a great Valentine’s Dinner for your sweetheart or, heck, for yourself! You deserve it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Christina Dodd

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