No POINT Crying Over Spilt Milk!

Sometimes good luck falls in your lap. When I told Assistant Judie that POINT LAST SEEN was scheduled to publish on June 21, she said, “That’s the summer solstice! You can promote it from your stone circle!” I was so excited. I had my newsletter planned, my videos staged…it was going to be a brilliant book release day! …

But…yeah, but. POINT LAST SEEN is printed, however the pages aren’t bound and the publisher can’t guarantee they’ll have the trucks to ship the books to the store by June 21. So POINT LAST SEEN is now NO POINT CRYING OVER SPILT MILK…and coming out on July 26.

But let that not get us down! Here’s the plan. On this summer solstice, as The Husband and I always do, we’ll go out into the stone circle at dawn, light a fire, watch the sun come up, and I’ll toss something in the fire to celebrate the upcoming POINT LAST SEEN release. A pencil? A calendar? A roll of toilet paper?

Oh, geeze, not toilet paper. That’s just asking for trouble.

I’ll film a video, write a newsletter, share the day with you, and we’ll all celebrate the upcoming publication of POINT LAST SEEN. Now, tell me — what do you think I should sacrifice in the fire? Put your answer in the comment box; I’ll be considering every suggestion!

While you’re thinking, the excerpt is particularly good. I invite you to give it a read, and remember, with the scheduling change, you have an extra five weeks to pre-order  POINT LAST SEEN!

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