Christina Dodd’s Stone Circle Rocks

If you’re part of my newsletter friends or regularly visit my website or follow me on social media, you know that my husband built me … er, us a stone circle. As with every year, this year on the summer solstice we went out and watched the sunrise. The temperature was cool, so my husband built a roaring fire (actually, he loves to build fires and they are always roaring), the birds chirped in early morning excitement, and as it annually does, the sun rose between the two key stones.

Inevitably, when readers find out about the stone circle, they ask questions, the main one being — after the solstice, what does one do with this massive monument for the remaining 364 days of the year?

Christina_Dodd_NewYearsIn the winter months, we look at it from inside the house. We live in Northwest Washington state, we can see Canada from our front door, and it gets cold here. On the other hand, this year our family came up for New Year’s Eve, we built a roaring fire in the fire pit, and we wrapped up, looked at the stars, watched the fireworks in the valley, drank wine, made s’mores, hugged at midnight and wished each other a happy new year, and went to bed. Yes, you’re right, as a family, we’re pretty boring.

Was it cold? Oh, baby. We had just had a solid week of below freezing Christina_Dodd_IcyStonetemperatures and ice crusted the stones.

In the summer months, our family is out there a lot. To pull weeds… No, seriously, we spend evenings around the fire, chatting, throwing woody lavender branches into the flames (we grow a lot of lavender), drinking wine and making s’mores.

Every other year my husband and I host my plot group (plot group explained) and my fellow authors and I invariably wander out to — you guessed it — the stone circle to build a fire, drink wine and make s’mChristina_Dodd_stoneduelores. (Don’t mess with the classics!) The photo shows fellow plotters fencing with marshmallow roasting tongs while Nicole Burnham laughs. Plotting books is hard work; we enjoy our leisure time!

The other question I’m asked is — do you write in the stone circle?

Yes. I do. In the spring, as soon as it gets sunny and warm-ish (50+ degrees) I drag a chair out, sit down with my Alphasmart (old technology but it’s great for writing!), and work. No phones. No internet. The only distractions are the occasional dog showing up for a pet or biChristina_Dodd_StoneWriting_pprd landing close and warbling a song.

It’s times like these when I know I’m blessed. My wish for you is that you cherish your blessed moments, too, when you do those things you love — read, write, share time with your family and friends, or watch the clouds float overhead. Remember this lovely quote from Bertrand Russell, “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

Sometimes we all need to remember that.

Our Lizzie Dog in the Stone Circle

Our Lizzie Dog in the Stone Circle

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