Christina Dodd’s Green beans with Bacon

This is a traditional farm recipe, so easy and good that I prepare it a lot.

You’ll need:
— Fresh green beans
— Crisp Bacon

The green beans:

For two people, you’ll need as many green beans as you can hold in both hands. If you have small hands, use more. This is cooking, not rocket science, and if you have too many green beans, that’s okay.

Cut the ends off. Cut into two inch lengths. Rinse. Put in a small pan with water — about a half inch of water if you’re measuring from the bottom.

The bacon:
— Fry the bacon … if you know how. If you don’t, do it the easy way…I use 2 thick-sliced pieces, but you can use 2-4 pieces depending on how thick it is and how much you like it.

— Bake the bacon at 350 degrees on a flat pan with sides. It’ll be cooked in probably 10-15 minutes, but the time depends on the thickness of the bacon you’re using, so you have to keep an eye on it.


— Microwave the bacon: fold two paper towels, put slices on it, cover with paper towel, microwave on high one minute per slice.

The good news? You can do the bacon in advance.

The bad news? Microwaving is the easiest, but all the bacon grease soaks into the paper towels, and I like to add about a teaspoon of bacon grease in with the water to cook the green beans.

The cooking:

Green beans cook very quickly. Turn the burner to high, get the water boiling, add the teaspoon of bacon grease if you’re using it, and simmer for about five minutes. Green beans taste best when they’re tender-crisp and still bright green. Drain, divide between the plates, and sprinkle with bacon.

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