Christina Dodd Talks About Her Funniest Mistakes

February 2 was the twenty-eighth anniversary of the day I got The Call that my first book, CANDLE IN THE WINDOW, had been bought by a very astute editor (the time was 3:30 pm, not that I paid attention.) On September 6, 2016 my fifty-fifth full-length published novel, THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM, will hit the shelves. I’m not bragging, just giving you a framework for my story.

Because while writing and editing my forty-seventh book, BETRAYAL: Bella Terra Deception, I found, “Noah couldn’t take his gaze from Hendrik’s blood-shot eyes as they rolled on the floor, punching & kicking.” While editing number forty-six, REVENGE AT BELLA TERRA, the heroine was changing the tire and I found this doozy, “She was pumping the jack.” No. Just no.

While editing THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM, I realized one of the female characters had an *amble* bosom. Welcome to Jackson Wyoming road sign


I wrote a scene in INTO THE FLAME where the hero sees the heroine for the first time in three years, and startles her. The line I wrote was, “She didn’t jump, he’d give her that. But Firebird Wilder had always had balls of steel, and she showed them now as she coolly turned to face him.”

There was the time my hero, “didn’t give a carp.”Christina_Dodd_Dory 2

I’m not the only writer who does this stuff. At one of my first Romance Writers of America conferences, one of the award winners got up and thanked her critique group. Before she joined them, she wrote sentences like, “Angrily, he thrust his hands into his pockets and tried to get a hold of himself.”

My nightmare is that one of these lines will slip through all the editing (my books are edited and proofread and copyedited) and make it onto the printed page.

Oh, wait. That’s happened, too. My husband was reading my first published book, CANDLE IN THE WINDOW, a medieval, and came to me with a question. After the hero and heroine were married, I wrote, “They stood on the battlements and waved until the wedding guests were out of sight.” My husband wondered, since the heroine was blind, how long she had waved.

Christina_Dodd_-ObsessionFallsTinyWhile reviewing the last pass page proofs for OBSESSION FALLS , I found this misplaced modifier, “Whale-watchers arrived to observe the migration of great grey whales in tour boats…” How do you suppose those whales boarded those boats?  Then I ran spellcheck Christina_Dodd_ Eagle Rampantsand on the last page, it picked up a fabulous typo — “An eagle flew free from the castle’s rampants.”

And may an eagle fly free from your rampants, too.

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