The Husband’s Stone Walkway

This summer I’m pleased to announce The Husband did not construct a miniature Taj Mahal in our backyard.

What he did (and is still doing) was rebuild the walk between the house and the stone circle to be forever free of weeds. (I can hear you chuckling, but that is our hope!) It’s an amazing endeavor involving fitting and cutting stone, making concrete in the electric concrete mixer I got him for his birthday (don’t tell me I don’t know how to splurge on gifts!), placing the stones in the concrete and finishing it off with polymeric sand.



He lays out the stones, cuts them with a demo saw fitted with a rock cutting blade, marks them with chalk, then stacks them, prepares the concrete and creates the walkway. It takes time (weeks!) and occasionally I get called out to help lift a stone. But only when they’re over a hundred pounds. (!)



When he gets the first part of the project done, hopefully in a few days, all we’ll have to worry about is autumn clean-up: mulching, dead-heading the hydrangeas, planting the garlic — you know, the usual. Next spring, he’ll be working on the second part of the walkway and a fountain on the patio.

I know, I know. I’ve been talking about the fountain for years…

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