Christina’s Friends Don’t Want to Murder Her

    August 10, 2018

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Dear Ones,
You know how much I love a witty review, and I cackled when I read this one for HARD TO KILL on Goodreads: “I’m concerned that author Christina Dodd only has friends who want to murder her.

When I told my friends, they said stuff like, “Not all the time,” and “I swear I never said a word.” Yeah, yeah… The reviewer also said, “Love this! Can’t wait to read the next installment,” and gave it five stars. If you like to write reviews, you can write one for HARD TO KILL or, if you got DEAD GIRL RUNNING on the recent sale, on Goodreads or anywhere online. Don’t have time to write a review? Tell a friend. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to spread the word!

Thank you all for what you do.

To provide you with a visual background for HARD TO KILL, I’ve set up a Pinterest board with photos from the magnificent German mountains, caves and discovered treasures. Find the board here. It’s fun to browse! And if you like the idea, let me know and I’ll do a board for each new title.

DEAD GIRL RUNNING in Strand Magazine!

The Best 2018 Audio Books from Strand Magazine is out, and DEAD GIRL RUNNING is in the top ten! With so many of you telling me you listen to audio books while commuting or cleaning, this is a great honor. You can access and listen to a free sample chapter on my website, and purchase the audio at Audible (free with an introductory membership) and iTunes. Or ask at your public library!

The Excitement of a Concrete Pour!

I know what you’re thinking: Christina is excited about pouring concrete? She has finally cracked. Not exactly… (Pay no attention to those who will tell you that time has long passed.) The Husband came up with a new project (somehow it happens every summer), and we’re pouring concrete so we can… Well, watch the video.

While we were pouring concrete, a hummingbird kindly came to work the crocosmia (a stunning red flower), and since I was making a video anyway, I dashed over and filmed it. The grinding you hear in the background is the concrete mixer.

For my birthday, The Husband took me on a ride up Washington’s North Cascades Highway. As you know, Washington state is where I set Virtue Falls, Cape Charade and Darkness Chosen. A glorious drive and yes, I took a video.

Finally, for his birthday, I gave The Husband a backpack leaf blower. I spoil that man… This video is easily the most popular I’ve posted on Instagram. I’ve been posting a lot of videos on Instagram; if you’re in the neighborhood, pop over, take a look, and if you like my photos, “like” my page!

That’s all for now. Upcoming — the cover reveal for the second Cape Charade suspense, WHAT DOESN’T KILL HER (had better start running). I haven’t seen it yet, either, so I mean it when I say — I can’t wait to show it to you! Until then, happy reading.


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