You scream, I scream, we all scream for THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM!

Septembere 5, 2017

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Dear Ones,

It’s always such a thrill to hold the first copy of my own book in my hands, and THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM is a special thrill. Merida Falcon is the woman who couldn’t scream, the person who through terrible circumstances is no longer able to speak, yet intends to succeed against all odds. But it’s also Kateri Kwinault’s story; Merida’s and Kateri’s circumstances and stories are intertwined, and what happens will keep you on the edge of your seat. Let me give you a Kateri excerpt.

Water ran off Stag’s hair and face in rivulets that slid under his collar and down his chest. Kateri knew because his blue denim shirt was plastered to his chest and … muscles. In detail. His jeans sagged low on his hips. Really low. The kind of low that if she gave them a tug, she would see London and France, and probably all of the Iberian Peninsula.
This could not be good for her heart.
Too late she realized he was headed right for her. “No. Don’t! You’re—”
Gently he wrapped her in his arms, pulled her close and up onto her toes, and kissed her.
The cold water soaked through her uniform, opening the way to the blistering heat of his body. His mouth was wet and warm and absolutely intent … on her. He absorbed her. He consumed her. He … wanted her. Heat and cold. Forest and stream. The great, dark, depths of the ocean rising up…
Lacey barked. Furiously. Imperiously.
Stag pulled away, looked down at the little dog at their feet, and laughed. Taking the Barbie towel out of Kateri’s hands, he leaned down and wrapped Lacey, dried her from head to toe, picked her up and cradled her. And slid his arm around Kateri’s waist.
Stretching and reaching, Lacey licked at their chins.

Between Stag and Kateri, passion simmered beneath the surface.
At the same time, they shared an affection for the dog who adored them so.
For Kateri, this felt like family, close and tight.

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