Lavish Thank You! A Book Sale! The Husband’s Project!

    October 5, 2019

Dear Ones,
Want to hear about a book sale? And The Husband’s current project? You’re in luck!

But first, please let me lavishly thank you for your love for Kellen Adams and her long and torturous journey to her happy ending. And what a happy ending it was! In fact, one of my favorite comments ever came from Reader Elaine, who said STRANGERS SHE KNOWS is, “Winner of the ‘Absolute Best Last Line in a Novel’ Award.”

And on Goodreads, this review made me laugh and I bet you’ll laugh, too:
“Most of the time, when I finish reading a book with characters I love, I hate that the book ended. In the case of STRANGERS SHE KNOWS by Christina Dodd, I found myself hoping that Kellen Adams, Max Di Luca, and daughter Rae can go on to quiet, normal, non-thriller-material lives. If I never read about them again, that’s a good thing.”

I answered on Facebook:
“I can promise they will go on without any more deadly trauma in their lives. They will have stuff like vacuum cleaner repair and flat tires—just flat, not slashed by villains seeking to kill them. Rae’s complexion will clear up, she’ll graduate from high school and go on to become a brain surgeon.
Or a piano teacher.

I won’t say anything more than that, because, you know, some of our friends here are new and might not have read the Cape Charade series.

It’s been a privilege to share Kellen Adams with you. If you haven’t had a chance to read STRANGERS SHE KNOWS, it’s available in your local independent bookstore and online in trade paperback, hardcover, eBook and audiobook.

Read an Excerpt.

Listen to a chapter of the audiobook.

1.99 Book Sale, Ends October 7 — Hurry!

If you haven’t already begun reading the all-star Charade series, this is a great time to start because book #1, DEAD GIRL RUNNING is briefly on sale in eBook for $1.99! Hurry. Go forth and buy!

Do you already own your copy of DEAD GIRL RUNNING? Why not let your reading friends know about this great sale? As this reviewer said, “This book is chock full of women being awesome!”

The Husband’s summer project

It’s been such a busy summer for books, you haven’t got to hear about The Husband’s summer project. But you know he had one!

Again, thanks so much for your words of praise for the Cape Charade series. When you tell me what you love about it, I feel as if we’ve formed a sisterhood of strength, growth and bonding. How lovely is that?


Christina Dodd

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