Love and Powerwashing

— New look on the website + New popup survey!

Interviews to watch and podcasts to listen to!

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And a new excerpt:

With Elle at his side, Adam drove his ATV through Gothic, up the main street with its seven curves, past Ye Olde Antique Shop, featuring “the finest junk in Gothic,” past Mrs. Santa’s Gifts and Tea Shop, past the Hair on Your Chest Coffeeshop and Firm Buns Bakery. And past what seemed like every person in town standing on the street, mouths open.

“Everybody’s staring,” Elle observed. “Don’t you ever have company?”


“Relatives? Friends?”


“Do you not like these people?”

“Like them? I suppose. Why?”

“You’re not exactly smiling and waving.”

No, he was not. If he nodded to one, they would all shout out a greeting and want him to stop and introduce the woman, and he didn’t want to discuss who she was (he didn’t know) or where she’d come from (he didn’t know) or whether or not she was his girlfriend/wife/sister (that at least he knew—no, no, and no.) — POINT LAST SEEN, out now in paper, eBook and audiobook with shop names suggested by my readers. Did you name one?


New look on the website + New popup survey!

To celebrate the new book, there’s an exciting new look on my website. What do you think?

And in the website survey, I ask, When you read a book, do you read the dedication and/or acknowledgements? If you haven’t been able to get your copy of POINT LAST SEEN yet, there’s a link to its very special dedication and acknowledgements.

Interviews to watch!

Were you able to catch the online interviews live? It’s not too late; they’re recorded for you!

Online Interviews

Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jayne Ann Krentz and I were supposed to interview each other about our current releases. And we did. Sorta. Three longtime friends chat and laugh on Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s Facebook page.

Online Interviews

Reviewer/bookseller John Charles of the Poisoned Pen Bookstore posed questions about the creation of Gothic California, the inspiration/desperation that led to POINT LAST SEEN, and we both give book recommendations! You can watch it on The Poisoned Pen Facebook Page or on YouTube.

Podcasts to listen to!

At some point when I wasn’t paying attention (hopefully I was writing a book!), podcasts got huge! Unlike a lot of those goldarned newfangled 🤣 gadgets, I get it. Short-ish listens on a variety of subjects while you’re gardening, cleaning, driving + stop and start listening. Are you a listener? Here are the podcasts so far! (Scroll down…)

And a powerwash you’ll love!

Finally, The Younger Daughter and The Husband were powerwashing the front walk and … click to view the video. BWAHAHA! They do know how to make me laugh. 😊

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Until next time, happy reading!

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