Today! Go ahead and laugh!

January 16, 2021

— Your daily laugh!

RULES OF ATTRACTION in audio! “Wickedly witty,”—Julia Quinn, author of Bridgerton

— Today! WRONG ALIBI virtual interview at the Poisoned Pen!

— New website pop-up survey: I need your help!

You know how sometimes things don’t go the way you planned? I decided to make a brief (40 second) video showing off my office bookshelves. The Husband designed them and they are, well, magical. So I…

Well, no. First you have to watch the video or you won’t understand what happened. It’s very short. Click here.

I’ll wait.



Have you seen it now?

How’s that for cool bookshelves?

Yes, The Husband is spectacular. No, I don’t lend him out. He does have something to say about that, you know!

Anyway, I was doing a run-through video… and I got STUCK INSIDE. The bookshelves got off kilter and wouldn’t open. Of course, my phone was on a stand pointed at the bookshelves, so I have a great video of the bookshelves vibrating as I try to move them. (You can beg all you want, I’m not posting that.)

Luckily, The Husband heard me hollering and rescued me. That’s his hand moving the bookshelf, and he hands me the copies of WRONG ALIBI. So he not only designed the bookshelves, but he makes them work!

Okay, calm down and let’s talk about the important stuff — books.

RULES OF ATTRACTION is out in audio!

If you watched Bridgerton and enjoyed it, and if you’re an audiobook fan, this is your lucky day. And year. Just out in audiobook, the fourth Governess Brides, RULES OF ATTRACTION! Find out why Julia Quinn, author of the Bridgerton novels, called my historical romances, “Wickedly witty!”

Read an eyebrow-raising excerpt.

Listen to Chapter One.

Today! WRONG ALIBI virtual interview at the Poisoned Pen!

Jayne Ann Krentz will discuss All the Colors of Night, Christina Dodd will discuss Wrong Alibi. Event hosted by beloved reviewer, interviewer and bookseller John Charles!
WHEN: Saturday January 16, 2021 @ 6-7pm ET, 3-4pm PT.
WHERE: Facebook Live Poisoned Pen Page

Jayne persists on calling every outing we do together a What could possibly go wrong? event. Which is an exaggeration because nothing bad ever happens, as you can see by this photo from the previous Poisoned Pen autographing where Jayne reacts to my reading of DEAD GIRL RUNNING.

So I’m calling today’s interview the, “Nothing is going to go wrong, Jayne,” event. You can still order autographed books; call 480-947-2974 or email Do join us for the interview (you can confirm here and Facebook will send you a reminder.) I look forward to seeing you. We’ll have fun and many laughs!

Help Christina!

Are you looking for something to do while you wait for today’s interview? Great, because I need your help! I’m looking for a name for the town in my next suspense. If you’ve clicked on any of the links in the letter, you’ve probably already found the website pop-up survey. Or you can go directly from here. Thank you in advance!

Finally…yes, it’s January 16, but at my house, we’re using the Christmas placemats and the garlands are still up and lit every evening. I say Christmas isn’t over until the sun rises before 7am. Who’s with me???

As always, be careful, be safe and healthy, and until next time, happy reading!

Christina Dodd
New York Times bestselling author of

Bigfoot and the Three Bears

In the Alaskan wilderness,
the hunted can become the hunter…

P.S. For those of you who love the Darkness Chosen series, SCENT OF DARKNESS will be published by Brilliance Audio Tuesday, January 19 and is now available for pre-order.

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