FaceYoga and Wild Dreams

    April 7, 2021

Have you heard about FaceYoga? I hadn’t either. There are apps (plural!) that help you exercise your face to stay youthful. Huh. Okay, might work and is at the least good for you. So I texted my daughters.

Older: “I already do face yoga on all of my Zoom meetings. Especially when my camera’s off. Eye rolls, questioning looks, mouthing of curse words.”

Younger: “Lots of raspberries.”

I’m still cackling.

I’m so lucky with my children. This last year, humor has kept our family afloat and we welcome the dawn of better times.

Today is a great day for historical fans and audiobook readers. My first New York Times bestseller, IN MY WILDEST DREAMS, is out in audiobook with an all new cover from Brilliance Audio!

“Reminiscent of the classic movie Sabrina, this heartwarming Victorian-era treatment will please Christina Dodd’s many fans.” —Publishers Weekly

Throckmorton straightened his cravat. “So my dear brother, tell me about this mystery woman.”

Eagerly, Ellery recited her virtues. “Her hair is light brown with streaks of gold flowing like honey. Her teeth are white and even, like a string of the most precious pearls. She’s petite and curvy, like a marble Venus.” With his hands, he indicated the shapeliness of the young woman in question. “Her skin is like —”


“Yes!”Ellery smiled, his own alabaster teeth flashing.

“Of course.” Throckmorton rolled down his sleeves and re-pinned his cuffs. “I suppose her nipples are like two perfect rosebuds.”

Ellery’s brow puckered. He seldom comprehended Throckmorton’s jibes, possibly because no one except Throckmorton ever poked fun at him.

One didn’t tease the golden boy.

“I don’t know about her nipples.”

With heartfelt sincerity, Throckmorton said, “Thank God for that, at least.”

“Yet.” Ellery’s white teeth gleamed in a smile.

Perhaps Ellery did comprehend more than Throckmorton gave him credit for. But Ellery didn’t comprehend how important his betrothal to Hyacinth and her Indian plantations were to the family interests — and more than family interests — or he wouldn’t be babbling about some unfamiliar female guest with good teeth and rosebud nipples.

“Uh-oh.”Ellery headed for the sideboard and poured himself a grand amount of brandy. “I recognize that expression. It’s the I’m-the-Throckmorton-and-I-have-to-manage-everything expression.”

“Strange. I was thinking how fortunate that you’re seeking handsome young ladies for me.”

Arrested in the act of taking a drink, Ellery said, “Don’t be ridiculous. This one’s mine — although it wouldn’t hurt you to remarry, you know. Since Joanna’s death there hasn’t been a woman worthy of you, and you might not be so bloody grim if you stuck your finger in the jampot occasionally.”

Throckmorton had heard it before. “I’ll worry about my finger, you worry about yours.”

Listen to an excerpt and purchase your audio copy of IN MY WILDEST DREAMS.

“Wickedly witty,” — Julia Quinn, author of Bridgerton

IN MY WILDEST DREAMS is also available in paper and eBook.

I loved the IN MY WILDEST DREAMS paperback cover, but when Brilliance Audio couldn’t license that artwork, they created this new cover. Their design process fascinated me; I’ve never seen anything like it (and I’ve published 59 books.) I begged to be allowed to share their design sheets with you. Take a moment to read the Concept, the Background Inspiration, the Design Approach and…well, let me quote this from the Brilliance Art Team:

CREATIVE DIRECTION: “In the famous gardens her father has nurtured for the family for years, the heroine locks eyes with the viewer with a self assured gaze. The garden behind her is verdant and lush, while wisteria hangs in the middle distance. In Victorian flower symbolism wisteria signifies a warning against clingy and over-passionate love, which reflects the difference between Celeste’s girlhood crush on the younger brother and her slow romance with the elder brother. OVERALL IMPACT: Romantic, Daring, Lush.”

Victorian flower symbolism? So much thought went into the creation of this cover!

I hope you enjoy your tour of the cover design sheets, and that you’re ready for some more good news in next week’s letter. ) Until then, happy reading!


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