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    July 18, 2020

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[cover: Strangers She Knows MMPB]

      The whisper at midnight, right above Kellen’s face, brought her out of a dead sleep and into wide-eyed terror. When she processed the voice — her ten-year-old daughter Rae — she calmed herself. “What’s wrong?”
      “Mommy, I had a nightmare.”
      Kellen had been afraid of this; too much change and excitement, and Rae’s subconscious was rolling out the nightmares. “I know, sweetheart.” She rolled over and pushed at the inert form beside her. “Max, move over.”
      Some deep-voiced mumbling occurred while Max crawled to his edge of the mattress.
      Kellen had worn him out. Poor guy.
      She lifted the covers.
      Rae scooted in. The child was shivering, clutching her tattered blankie and stuffed llama, in the grips of some shadowy dread.
      Kellen pulled her close, trying to warm her.
      Rae whispered, “Can Luna come up, too?” Which the dog wasn’t supposed to do, not on the family bed. Max didn’t approve.
      But… “Sure.” Why not? What was a queen-sized bed for, but to accommodate parents, child and animals, stuffed and real? Kellen patted the bottom of the bed.
      Luna leaped up and stretched out on their feet.
      Not exactly what Kellen had planned, but bonus points to the dog for bringing Rae through the shadowy corridor and into their bedroom. “Is the nightlight in your room help?”
      “No. That’s why I saw the lady!”
      “What lady?”
      “An old lady with silver hair. I dreamed someone was standing over me and I was scared. But I remembered what you said about facing my nightmares and I opened my eyes to look at her. She was supposed to disappear, and she was still there! She put her finger to her lips for me to be quiet, then she touched my forehead, then she went into the wall and vanished!”
      “She touched your forehead? Like how?”
      “Like you do when you kiss me goodnight.”
      “So it was a nice touch.”
      “Yes. But she was real.” Rae curled into a tighter ball, still shivering.
      “That sounds like a pretty good dream to me.”
      “She disappeared into the wall.”
      “That’s spooky,” Kellen acknowledged. “What did Luna do?”
      “She lifted her head and stared at the lady.”
      “You know if Luna thought you were threatened, she would protect you.”
      “I know,” Rae said in a small voice.
      “You’ve had a lot of nightmares since we left Yearning Sands.”
      “Because of the dead man with no hands.”

STRANGERS SHE KNOWS, a Cape Charade thriller, out now in pocket paperback and — remember when I told you the prices would come down and I’d let you know? The eBooks are reduced now, and at Walmart, Target and Amazon, the STRANGERS SHE KNOWS paperback is marked down $2.00 from the $7.99 cover price. Click for links.

New York Times bestseller Jayne Ann Krentz interviews Christina Dodd!

New York Times bestseller Jayne Ann Krentz interviewed me about the STRANGERS SHE KNOWS release. I promised you’d snort your beverage. Did we deliver or what?!? There was laughter and engagement with readers, and we discussed what we were reading, what we were writing, how focused we are on food during the time of COVID, and had a tour of my office. Also, Jayne Ann Krentz talked about the Return of the Dust Bunnies! Want to eavesdrop on one of our conversations? Here’s your chance. Enjoy!

Fabulous, Funny, and Clever (that’s you!)

Currently, I’m writing a new thriller (of course!), and on Facebook I asked for help naming a fictional ridge in California. It looks something like this:

I was going to call it Devil’s Backbone. But that darned state already has a Devil’s Backbone. With over 600 comments, I got many great names (will choose one soon), but some readers didn’t take it too seriously. I asked, “What’s your idea for a spooky/eerie name for my fictional ridge?” Responses:

“If I had to climb that it would be “Death’s Door”!”

“Satan’s Sciatica.”

“2020. That’s the scariest name I can think of….”

“Devil’s Lumbar Support.”

“My parent’s walk to school…”

I’m still laughing. Have I told you lately that I have the funniest, smartest, most wonderful readers in the world? During these trying times, thank you for cheering me, and remember — STRANGERS SHE KNOWS is on the shelves and ready to entertain you. Take care. Be safe.


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