Good News for Your Book Buying Budget

    May 11, 2019

— A $7.99 value absolutely free! 😉
The 20 Best Romantic Suspense Novels
— New Christina Dodd Recommends…is from The Husband.
— News about the grand finale of the Cape Charade series!

Dear Ones,
As you know, at each autographing, when you purchase a Christina Dodd book, I give away an all-organic lavender sachet grown at my home in NW Washington.

Well. Ahem. Someone is selling a sachet on eBay for $7.99!

Here’s what I figure. You come to an autographing (I have one May 22 in Seattle.) You buy a book (or call and order it and ask to have it shipped.) I autograph it and give you a sachet valued at $7.99, absolutely free! That’s a huge boost to your book-buying budget! :beaming: Whattayathink?

Speaking of your book budget…

Booklist, the official magazine of the American Library Association, posted a list of the 20 Best Romantic Suspense Novels. “Kiss Me or Kill Me” includes authors I know—Karen Robards, Jayne Ann Krentz, Karen Rose, Catherine Coulter, Nora Roberts and (ahem) Christina Dodd’s VIRTUE FALLS—but I found some new names and titles. I love these lists and can’t wait to dig in!

Christina Dodd Recommends



This month’s Christina Dodd Recommends … isn’t from Christina Dodd. The recommendation comes from The Husband , and it’s Amanda Quick’s TIGHTROPE. Read more! (Have I mentioned this is the best cover I’ve ever seen?)



You asked for it!

Last but not least, great news for you! My publisher has moved the grand finale of Cape Charade thriller series, STRANGERS SHE KNOWS, forward by three weeks. The art department also added lipstick to the front-facing woman on the cover to give it some pop. That was my idea (she said modestly.) Pre-order now, then look for it on your eReaders and on your bookshelves September 17!

I’ll keep you up to date as more changes occur. In the meantime, happy reading!


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Cape Charade Short Story

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Cape Charade Short Story

Cape Charade Full Length Suspense

Cape Charade Short Story, Coming 09-01-19

NEW COVER – Cape Charade Full Length Suspense, Coming 09-17-19