Run! Romance typo! + Contest! + Doddkins!

  • We have a name for our reader group! And a group! And a survey on what you want to read!
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The survey asking you to vote on the name for the reader group was a riot. I got clever original suggestions from the comment box:

The Hot Doddies
Readers Since Year Dodd
Dodd Your Eyes and Cross Your Teabags: Cozy readings with Christina

Call your readers Doddkins! ←Heh. We were thinking Doddsters, so maybe we should do a survey.

I love your ideas! We had a clear winner from the original choices:

graphic: survey results

Yes, it’s Behind the Bookshelf with Christina Dodd. The name encompasses all the genres I write and read, and because my bookshelves open to more shelves for my office storage, let’s call that our virtual clubhouse!

graphic: survey results
The Husband designed my bookshelves.
Yes, he’s amazing.
No, you can’t rent him. I already paid the deposit.

First off, what books do you want to talk about?

No, no. Wait! First off, do you want to join?

I’ve created this group as a gathering place for my readers.

In this group we’ll,
📚Talk books: old favorites and new releases from the whole writing community.
🤝Form reading friendships: I love my readers.
😆Have fun: because we are fun people! And reading is fun!
❤️Admire the wonderfulness that is Christina Dodd … just kidding … maybe. 😉 You know how modest I am.
But also, I have a lot of wonderful writing friends and there are so many good books out there, I read and read, and I’m always looking for recommendations for more, so I’m sure this is going to lead to hours of reading pleasure.

Everybody welcome...except grumps

How do you join?

Easy. Click here, answer all three questions so to prove you’re not a bot, read the rules, submit your application, and once you’ve been approved (Assistant Jill will make sure you’re a reader and not a porn spammer,) you’re in. A Facebook profile is required.

Writing is my priority, so Assistant Jill (not to be confused with long-time Assistant Judie, who works with me on graphics and social media) and I are working together to get Behind the Bookshelf operating. I’m enthused to have an intimate, bookcentric forum where I can interact with you and talk books as a reader. Being me (the class clown,) I’ll occasionally interrupt, but I’ll try to keep from making trouble…most of the time.

…What if you don’t have time for one more damned thing, even something fun like Behind the Bookshelf?

Life will go on pretty much the same. You’ll read, I’ll read. You’ll work, I’ll work. You’ll cook, I’ll eat. I’ll send newsletters, you’ll laugh and have more to read…

Back to what you want to talk about in Behind the Bookshelf! Books, obviously, and that covers a lot of ground. My books, all my author friends’ books, new authors, re-reads…So I made a survey so you can express your desires (about our future discussions.) Click here to take the survey.

Last comment from my name the book group survey:

“I detest Facebook,” (Me: Oh, honey, I hear you on that one…) “but may have to join this Group 😉.”

It would be wonderful to meet you there!

Behind the Bookshelf with Christina Dodd

Christina Dodd Reviewers’ Club Contest!

EVERY SINGLE SECRET is coming March 5, so it’s time to fill empty spots in the Christina Dodd Reviewers’ Club from members of my mailing list. That’s you!

Members receive an early, autographed, personalized, hardcover copy of EVERY SINGLE SECRET and in turn are required to:

1. Read EVERY SINGLE SECRET and post online reviews.
2. Pop a book photo onto social media to make your friends jealous.
3. Send confirmation of your posts to the Reviewers’ Club staff (aka The Husband.)
To enter, read the rules and requirements posted on the contest page and follow the instructions. Enter for a chance to be part of my Reviewers’ Club by clicking here. The contest ends Wednesday Jan. 31 at midnight Pacific Time. Winners will be picked by a randomizer and notified by email. You’ll have a limited time to respond before a different winner will be chosen.

Never whisper the truth...

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Reviewers’ Club members must have a U.S. mailing address. International postage regulations and customs forms make mailing abroad impossible for us to manage.

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photo of Christina


Finally…I was writing/editing a love scene and found this marvelous typo:

He clammed her.

Yes, I typed that. I don’t know what it means, but it doesn’t sound good. Or romantic. Or sexy. In fact, it sounds like soup… I love clam chowder…My stomach’s growling, so it must be time to make dinner! Until next time, happy reading and we’ll talk again soon.


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