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  • Behold, this day is Talk Like Shakespeare Day!
  • Dost thou loveth free swag? Behold What my publisher hath created!

Reader, dear reader, wherefore art thou dear reader?

For today is a day of upmost importance. Today we celebrate Shakespeare Day and/or Talk Like Shakespeare Day. Which will ye celebrate? Choose wisely, for if ye adopt Talk Like Shakespeare Day, ye will annoy thy kith and kin to the point they refuseth to speak to ye…leaving ye languishing and alone…to read thy favorite book.

Ha! Ha! I jest. Even should you hide in the steaming bathtub surrounded by lighted candles and sensuous herbal scents, they will find and speaketh to thee until the book droopeth in your hands and you shout mightily, “Hear ye! Shut the door on the way out!”

photo of ye ol' pup

As for this fair author (me), I’m celebrating the world’s pre-eminent dramatist by monologuing like a rump-fed runion, for as you might have guessed William Shakespeare was my muse in the creation of the Daughter of Montague series.

Shakespeare Day!

Do not despair, for that is not all. Surprises created for thy pleasure awaits thee.

Free to All!

  1. For your enjoyment, my most noble and magnificent publisher, Kensington Books, has prepared a “Create Your Own Shakespeare Story” generator!
    Thus you may discover your next adventure! As I have. I’m Hamlet of Verona and I’m about to join a reality dating show. Wait until The Husband finds out. 😳

    What is Your Alternate Shakespeare Story?

  2. My illustrious team at Kensington has also created a tempestuous and romantic Spotify playlist.

    What is Your Alternate Shakespeare Story?

    Listen! Thrill! Whet your appetite for love and murder as you wait for June 25th and the publication of this historical most droll and mysterious, A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA.

Final Bits

— As of this writing, the A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA ebook on Kindle and Google Play is $9.52, an amazing price for a book that’s also being published as a hardcover. How long will the price stay down? I have no idea. Will the other ebook retailers match the price? I have no idea. If you read in ebook, grab A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA now!

— Should your gentle heart desire to preorder A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA from any book retailer, I thank thee for your gracious trust in my humble story-telling abilities and beg that you submit information HERE to receive stickers inspired by Rosie, Verona, and our beloved William Shakespeare, he of the infinite jests and wrenching tragedies.

Star-crossed as we are, methinks you and I must away. Until that time when we meet again, let us all celebrate by using the social media hashtags #talklikeshakespeareday and #adaughteroffairverona to spread the joy of this illustrious day!


Christina Dodd

New York Times bestselling author


“The book I didn’t even know I was waiting for—fun funny charming and absolutely delightful!”
—Kristin Hannah #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Women

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