Better than dessert

    April 14, 2021

“I hated this book because it is all about sex, sex, sex. The story gets lost in the descriptive sex pages which are numerous.”—one-star Amazon review for SCENT OF DARKNESS

Actually, I’d like to point out that the Darkness Chosen series is a plot rich series dealing with the ultimate battle between good and evil…and I will admit that is my favorite one-star Amazon review ever.

If you’d like to read a paranormal romance series about the ultimate battle for good and evil, or maybe books full of sex, sex, sex, with today’s publication of INTO THE FLAME, the entire Darkness Chosen series is now out in audiobook performed by the awesome narrator, Brittany Pressley!

The Darkness Chosen series in order:





WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN is a short epilogue, free to read on my website. Should you read it if you haven’t read/listened to the series? Why don’t you save it as a reward for yourself for helping the Wilders save the world?

All titles are also available in eBook. With the printing crisis, not all titles are in paperback. Here’s the audiobook page with all the Christina Dodd books currently in audio. To make it easy to find what you’re looking for, it’s sorted by genre: Suspense, Paranormal and Historical. Scroll down to find your genres.


A loosely built lean-to protected the generator from the worst of the Alaska weather while allowing the exhaust to escape. That meant Petie wasn’t stepping out into the full force of the storm; she would be as protected as the generator itself. Which was apparently not well enough since the damned thing wasn’t working.

She gathered her fortitude, and eased the outer door open.

The wind caught it, yanked it wide, and dragged her outside and down the steps. She hung onto the door handle, flailed around on the frozen ground, and when she re-gained her footing, she used all her strength to shove the door closed again.

Then she was alone, outside, in a killer storm, in the massive, bleak wilderness that was Alaska.

Some might say Petie was stupid to put herself in this situation.

She had to agree.


No, really, she had to agree.

For four days, April 14-18, WRONG ALIBI is down priced to $5.99! WRONG ALIBI is my newest title, so this sale is quite a surprise. Grab it now!

Finally, The Husband and I received our second vaccination (pause for a moment of wild jubilation,) and exactly two weeks later, for the first time in a year, we dined out. In a restaurant. I don’t know if you remember, but not only do the restaurant staff cook the food, they also deliver it to the table, refill your wine glass, and clean up afterward. It was very exciting! We left a big tip! As my older daughter said, “If I’d known in March 2020 it would be the last time I got to eat in a restaurant, I would have ordered dessert.”

Washington state is at 50% capacity, we went early, we wore masks except while eating… In other words, we were careful—and yes, we ordered dessert.

Whatever you’re doing now: working, gardening, crafting, exercising, reading, may your days be healthy, happy and filled with all good things!


Christina Dodd
New York Times bestselling author

P.S. You asked for it, so I changed my website survey. I know — about time! The new question asks what influences your book buying. There are choices and of course a comment box. I do read the comments! So many of you send lovely notes and it's a huge boost when I'm writing a book and I'm convinced I chose the wrong career. ☺ To access the survey, you can either wander around my website until the survey pops up or go directly to the survey. Have fun!

A surprise sale!
“In the Alaskan wilderness,
the hunted can become the hunter.”

Out now!
“Bigfoot and the three bears.”

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A kindergarten teacher told her class to draw a picture, then went around and asked everyone, one by one, what they were drawing. Without looking up, one little girl said, “I’m drawing a picture of God.”
“But no one knows what God looks like,” her teacher reminded her.
“They will in a minute.”