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November 4, 2021

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When you reviewed my new website, you said, “But there’s nothing upcoming!”

Not true! But I had to wait until my publishing company decided on a title…and wait…and wait…

Now at last it’s possible for me to tell you, I have a new suspense series coming, set on California’s rugged, remote Big Sur in the tiny town known as…Gothic!

Local legend claims, On stormy nights, Gothic is said to disappear and on its return, it brings lost souls back from the dead. The myth is nonsense, of course, but local shops encourage its belief. A legend or two is always good for business.

The series (so far) includes an introductory novella, WELCOME TO GOTHIC, and two full-length thrillers. The first full-length thriller is POINT LAST SEEN, coming July 26, 2022:

Elle remembers her favorite color, what she likes to eat, what size shoes she wears…so why doesn’t she remember her full name, how she got those bruises on her throat…and why, when Adam Ramsdell pulled her half-frozen body from the surf on a lonely California beach, she screamed as if she was being murdered?

Elle finds refuge in Adam’s home on the edge of Gothic, a village located between the steep lonely mountains and the raging Pacific ocean. There, as pieces of Elle’s memory return, she faces a grim truth—she knows a secret so dark it could get her killed.

With her life—and Adam’s—at stake, Elle must step from the shadows and seek the assassin who stalks her nightmares…

One last bit of good news concerning POINT LAST SEEN — the book is available for pre-order online in eBook and paper (audiobook is coming!), and will be available through your local bookstore! Pre-order now!


You know how important a series title is to you. It has to link the books, be unique enough to remember and yet generic enough to include all current and future books. Also, I have to like it. That’s not asking much, is it?

As I searched for a interesting series name, I asked friends, authors and family for suggestions. Then, with many brilliant ones lined up, I couldn’t decide which to series title was most intriguing.

Can you help? Take the survey and choose the most compelling series title or use the comment box to make your own suggestion.

Need more information about the series?

Here’s the POINT LAST SEEN excerpt!

Here’s the WELCOME TO GOTHIC excerpt!</

So much good news:

— You’ve got new Christina Dodd thrillers on the way!

— You can pre-order POINT LAST SEEN!

— Take a moment and choose your favorite title for the new Christina Dodd thriller series!

I’m thrilled that I finally had the chance to tell you about these new stories, and now…as I finish writing the second full-length thriller in the series, I’m inspired by your reading enthusiasm!

Next time, you’ll get to hear more about the novella, WELCOME TO GOTHIC, see the final POINT LAST SEEN cover (I asked for tweaks), and once Halloween is over, we have to face the fact that the holidays are fast approaching, so…we’ll talk about a contest. Until then, happy reading!

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