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    September 29, 2021

— At last, RIGHT MOTIVE is out in audiobook!

— How to access the free read of WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN!

One August Morning
Rockin, Alaska Police Headquarters

Police Chief Rodolphe Dumas looked up as Officer Gabriella Donatti put down her phone, stood up from her desk, and turned in a circle, arms extended in despair. “April Fools Day has come and gone. Is it Halloween already?”

He noted, also, that their dispatcher, Stu Kippie, hung his head out of his office, watching and grinning.

Dumas liked Donatti; she was tough, intelligent, quick-witted and, in his never-to-be-spoken opinion, cuter than a speckled pup under the porch.

A long-legged speckled pup; the girl was curvaceous and darned near six feet tall, which made her six inches taller than him, and that was if he lied about his height.

Plus she was a gosh darned good officer, the first female hired in the Rockin police department in years, and if this call had been serious, she would have been on it like stink on a skunk. This sounded like the usual prank and he asked affectionately, “What’s up, chére?”

Deadpan as all heck, she said “Bigfoot has been sighted west of here, near Denali National Park.”

Grins bloomed across the length and breadth of the office.

Dumas had been in law enforcement for over thirty-three years, first in Louisiana — he was Cajun to his bones — and now in Rockin, Alaska. “Of course he has. Did whoever called this in get a photograph?”

“Not just a photograph.” Donatti paused dramatically, then said, “A video. Which proves without a doubt that Bigfoot is in the area because no one in the history of Photoshop has ever tampered with a video.”

Packed with Christina Dodd’s trademark mystery, unforgettable characters, plot twists and humor, RIGHT MOTIVE is out in audiobook and, of course, in eBook!

“Bigfoot and the three bears.”
“Absolutely delightful.”
“Witty dialog and quirky character insights.”

RIGHT MOTIVE is a stand-alone novella and your introduction to the small, fictional WRONG ALIBI town of Rockin Alaska. Read an excerpt and listen to the free audiobook clip!

Are you looking for WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN?

Speaking of Bigfoot , October is almost here with falling leaves and pumpkin spice and Halloween, and this is a good time to address one of the comments that came in with the website redesign:

  • I could not find the link to read or buy WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN and it is driving me crazy.

This one I can help with. There are a couple of ways to get to the WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN page. The easiest is to use the search function (which FYI works wonderfully well; I use it all the time when I’m putting together a newsletter) or with the dropdown menu/Books/Paranormal/Darkness Chosen. Included are screenshots from both my laptop and my phone with both of those routes highlighted.

On the search results page or the Darkness Chosen page, click WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN. That will take you to the actual WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN page. There you’ll see two tabs, Summary and Excerpt. Click Excerpt and scroll down to read WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN. If you’re a collector, the buy links are there. But please, read it free first.

I hope that helps with WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN and all your future book searches, and you enjoy the RIGHT MOTIVE audiobook!

Christina Dodd
New York Times bestselling author of

WRONG ALIBI new and out now!
“In the Alaskan wilderness,
the hunted can become the hunter.”

“Bigfoot and the three bears.” now out in audiobook!

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