Autographing Photos!

Chatting with one of my dear librarians!

Thank you to all the librarians at the American Library Association in Denver for welcoming me so kindly! We chatted, I autographed 72 DEAD GIRL RUNNING advanced reading copies in 45 minutes, and gave out Cape Charade lavender sachets. We ran out of arcs except for the one last display copy. I visited the restroom and when I came back, a woman was standing there lamenting that she’d missed me. One of my team reached for the display copy. The other one said, “Christina Dodd is standing right behind you.” Of course, I hugged that darling woman for making me feel so good and I signed that last copy to her…
Also…bears. Yes, ALA is fun in many different ways!

Here are some of the photos from the signing. (Scroll down for me posing with the giant poster for DEAD GIRL RUNNING.)


I hope someday to sign a book for you, too! Just in case, here’s the current autographing schedule, with new events being added every week. There’s no telling where I’ll pop up — or who will be with me! (Hint: JAK and SEP.) You can keep an eye on the website or (better) join my newsletter! I’m incredibly chatty, tell silly jokes, and my big contest is coming up soon. Join!

I had to post with the *giant* DEAD GIRL RUNNING poster!