The Winner of the Suspense Title Survey is Not What You Think

When we last spoke, I told you my publisher wanted a different title for my next thriller set in Alaska, a title that shouted Alaska and suspense. I posted a survey with the five excellent title finalists and asked which one you thought the sales department would choose, and promised to keep you up-to-date about their decision. 1200+ of you voted, with the lead wavering between between four of the five titles.

I suppose you’re wondering which title the publisher picked…
Ahem. The publisher decided they want to stick with the original title, WRONG ALIBI.
It’s fine. Really. WRONG ALIBI was my title, and it’s a strong suspense title. But…

Is the book WRONG ALIBI finished?
Yes. I’m editing it now.

When will WRONG ALIBI come out?
WRONG ALIBI will be published December 29, 2020. Yes, I know! A whole year away. Hang in there! There’ll be at least one short story coming to ease the wait.

Is WRONG ALIBI coming in print as well as ebook?
Yes, in hardcover for you collectors, and trade paperback (large size), eBook, and audio. As soon as the links are up, I’ll alert you in my newsletter, or you can check back here on the website. 

Is that the final WRONG ALIBI cover?
No. The art department has been instructed to do design a cover that clearly says Alaska and suspense. I can’t wait to see what those clever artists come up with. Stay tuned, I expect to see it in early 2020.

I know WRONG ALIBI is set in Alaska and it’s a thriller. What’s it about?
You can read the back copy on the WRONG ALIBI book page. There’ll be an excerpt posted soon.

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