It’s January, the start of a New Year (2019!), that time when you look around at your family and think…Holy cow, I’m tired of you people.

Maybe that’s just me. I love my husband and kids, but in the last months there’s been a lot of togetherness and eventually the bonds of kinship wear thin. Yes, yes, I do know they’re all tired of me, too. That’s why I think you’ll love FAMILIES AND OTHER ENEMIES, a Cape Charade e-novella about family and how challenging and downright scary relationships can be.


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I hope you enjoy FAMILIES AND OTHER ENEMIES, that you’re looking forward to the January 29 release of WHAT DOESN’T KILL HER, and that you enjoy a prosperous, healthy, peaceful and full-of-books 2019!

Christina Dodd

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family.

That’s one of those interesting universal truths that gets quoted a lot in the Army on overseas assignments. Because everyone misses their family. But it’s not their family who has their back, who will be with them under fire and volunteer to help them scout out the enemy. Friends, comrades-in-arms—in combat, they have greater impact than family. They become more to you than your blood kin.

You get back home, and your family, the people who knew you growing up, are aliens to you because they never experienced what you experienced, likely never fired an automatic weapon, never lobbed a grenade, never took on enemy fire on a cold, dark road in the Afghan mountains. They don’t understand why you flinch when the campfire pops or stay awake all night to avoid confronting the nightmares.

Most of the time, they don’t want to know. They want to tell you about the harrowing time they were barreling down a ski slope and broke a ski, or someone backed into them in the Safeway parking lot and their insurance got stuck for it, or they dropped a boulder on Grandpa’s fledgling walnut tree and it lived, anyway. They think they’re sharing the kinds of ordeals a soldier faces in combat. Bless their hearts.

Take me. I’m Kellen Adams. When I came back to the States after six years in the Army, I had one living relative I hadn’t seen for eight years, and I had no desire to go see Aunt Cora Rae. For one thing…

I hate to start this so soon, but this is where it gets complicated. — from FAMILIES AND OTHER ENEMIES, a new Cape Charade e-novella, set in Virtue Falls. Sheriff Kateri Kwinault makes an appearance!