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While visiting a boys’ and girls’ summer camp, Sheriff Kateri Kwinault finds herself telling a scary story that might be a little too close to the truth.

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BECAUSE I’M WATCHING “Books to Read if You Love Nora Roberts!”

BECAUSE I’M WATCHING is on Bookbub‘s List of “Books to Read if You Love Nora Roberts!” And yes, you remember correctly—OBSESSION FALLS was on Bookbub’s List of “Books to Read if You Love Nora Roberts!” too.

BECAUSE I’M WATCHING is a finalist for the RT Book Reviews 2016 Best of Romantic Suspense Awards, an Amazon Best Book of 2016, a Booklist Best Book of 2016, and a Top Pick for RT Book Reviews, with a starred Kirkus review (“Another Virtue Falls winner!”) and a starred Library Journal review. THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM (September 5) is next in the Virtue Falls series and available for preorder.

I’ve loved hearing your comments, the awards and honors have given me a hugely swelled head and, at the same time, reinforced the humbling knowledge that the stories I tell come from a great well of creation and I’m privileged to be able to tap into it and bring these wonderful, troubled, unique and lovable characters to life. Bless you for enjoying my stories and sharing your love of reading. As long as we spread the love, reading will never die.

You can buy BECAUSE I’M WATCHING in hardcover, eBook and Audio, and the paperback is coming out this summer! Get it at your favorite local bookseller or online at Amazon, Barnes and NobleKaty Books, IndieBound, Books-A-Million , or in eBook from Kindle, Nook, GooglePlayKobo,  iBooks.
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BECAUSE I’M WATCHING Amazon Best of 2016!

BECAUSE I’M WATCHING hit Amazon’s List of Best Romance of 2016! This is my first time to make the list christinadodd-flowers_ppwith any of my books, and I’m honored to be in the company of such great authors…and I’m so happy for Jacob and Mad Maddie, Kateri and all of the fabulous Virtue Falls characters! Most of all, thank you for your support and enthusiasm. BECAUSE I’M WATCHING is a word of mouth book—my readers tell other readers who tell other readers, and I am honored and grateful. Thank you! So far BECAUSE I’M WATCHING has received:

— A Booklist starred review: “Dodd continues her flawless pivoting from romance to suspense…“Scary, sexy, and smartly written, BECAUSE I’M WATCHING is Dodd at the top of her game.”As if that weren’t enough, BECAUSE I’M WATCHING is one of Booklist’s Top Ten Romances for 2016. This is a huge honor; Booklist is the official magazine of the American Library Association!

— A starred Library Journal review, “Two emotionally damaged characters find hope, self-forgiveness, and love in this exquisitely crafted, modern version of Gaslight…”

Christina_Dodd_BIW_BurnQuote— A Barnes and Noble Review titled, “Just Try to Put Down Christina Dodd’s BECAUSE I’M WATCHING: We Dare You,”

— An RT Reviews Top Pick: Virtue Falls has seen its fair share of the evil that can live in the hearts of some individuals, but it has also seen the triumphant spirit of others.…From the opening page (of BECAUSE I’M WATCHING), Dodd reels readers into this eerie and darkly suspenseful tale that will remain with them long after they finish the book. A creepy classic.” 

The venerable literary magazine, Kirkus Reviews, gave BECAUSE I’M WATCHING a starred review: “Another smart, dramatic mystery that will keep readers flipping pages until the very end, with unexpected twists, psychological tension, and emotional depth. Another Virtue Falls winner.”

Suspense Magazine said, This incredible author offers up many twists and turns which will sound something like an Alfred Hitchcock narrative, as the two main characters are caught up in a world of oddities, creepiness and revenge. This is the third book in the Virtue Falls series and, if possible, the best yet!”

Wow. Just … wow. View the cover and the shimmer on this brief video! Order the fabulous hardcover from Amazon, Katy Books, Books-A-Million, IndieBoundBarnes & Noble, at your favorite bookstore, or in eBook: Kindle, Nook, GooglePlay, iBooks and Kobo. Want an autographed copy? These bookstores ship!  And don’t forget you can download and listen to the first audio chapter! 

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Christina Dodd and the Flamethrower

christina_dodd_flamethrowerSome people like to pull weeds. I like to use a flamethrower on ’em. Watch the video! 

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A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT is out for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks and includes the three previously published Virtue Falls short stories:

THE LISTENER: Misfit and computer security expert Cornelia Markum hacks into a text Dark and Stormy Nightconversation between unidentified Virtue Falls residents … and realizes she’s stumbled into a murder plot.

THE RELATIVES: When relatives invite themselves to visit a wealthy couple’s Virtue Falls home, events take an unexpectedly dark—and fatal—turn.

LOVE NEVER DIES: A murder committed. A love lost. A ghost haunted by his past. Only one woman can right all the wrongs… If she can survive the night…

These Virtue Falls short stories are available for purchase as singles. 

A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT also includes the alternate conclusion of acclaimed action-filled adventure OBSESSION FALLS, Readers’ Guides and excerpts from the newest Virtue Falls thrillers, BECAUSE I’M WATCHING (out now) and THE WOMAN WHO COULDN’T SCREAM (out September 2017,) and previously unpublished extras from the full-length suspense VIRTUE FALLS. You can find the alternate conclusion and the Readers’ Guides on this website. The chapters are new.

You can buy A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT in ebook (even with the extras it’s too short for paper.) Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks

100 Amazon Reviews, 4.9 stars!

christinadodd_flowercardToday on AmazonBECAUSE I’M WATCHING reached 100 reviews/4.9 stars!

On Barnes and NobleBECAUSE I’M WATCHING has 48 reviews with an average of 4.9 stars!

On GoodreadsBECAUSE I’M WATCHING has 193/5 star ratings!

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed BECAUSE I’M WATCHING and a special thank you to everyone who spent precious time to spread the word.




“I’m a sucker for a broken man. Okay, not in real life. I mean, who actually wants a man who doesn’t shower and needs excessive amounts of therapy? However, in my fictional mind, like when reading Christina Dodd’s latest, Because I’m Watching, I adore a man who has been through things the average person cannot possibly imagine and needs the healing love and touch of a woman.” … I laughed out loud at this BECAUSE I’M WATCHING review by author Danielle Herzog from Barnes and Noble Reads. Because — isn’t that the truth? I have no desire to have a guy who is broken, but I do love to read them. And write them!

The review, titled, “Just Try to Put Down Christina Dodd’s BECAUSE I’M WATCHING: We Dare You,” was a pleasure to read and not merely because I’m the author. With quotes like, “Madeline is the ‘crazy’ neighbor across the street in the small town of Virtue Falls. And I don’t mean “crazy” as in zany and eclectic, I mean crazy as in ‘accused of murder and having witnessed the death of not only her roommates during college but also her fiancee years later'” and, “Together these two are an absolute train wreck. Or perhaps I should say, car wreck, considering they meet when Maddie drives her car into Jacob’s living room after falling asleep at the wheel,” Danielle gets right to the heart of the novel. Whether or not you’ve read BECAUSE I’M WATCHING, I hope you’ll click through to this review.

Want a good look at the hardcover? View the shimmer on this brief video.


Did you know audio books are the fastest growing sector of book sales? It’s true! Many people christina-dodd_biwaudiorittercommute to work, garden, ride bikes, knit, and everybody has to do housework. I’ve even heard that some people iron! (I’m sure that’s just a wild rumor. 😉 ) Listening to an audio book makes the time fly, so I’m thrilled to announce that BECAUSE I’M WATCHING is out in audio! Get it at Amazon or Audible. Never listened to audio books before? Everyone can listen to or download the first chapter here on my website, then get BECAUSE I’M WATCHING in audio free with an Audible trial membership!

Of course, you can also buy BECAUSE I’M WATCHING in hardcover from Amazon, Barnes and NobleKaty Books, IndieBound, Books-A-Million or your favorite local bookseller, or in eBook from Kindle, NookGooglePlayKobo,  iBooks.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT “Lord Brooding Conceited Arrogant” New Cover!

Kerrich stood behind her, so close Pamela could smell the fresh, rain-wash scent of his body and slide_historical_320catch occasional hints of enveloping warmth. Using one hand to fend him off, she said, “You’re a rake. You’re proud of it.”
“Yes, I like women.”
“Too many women.”
“How many is too many?”
“More than one.” Daringly, she said what she’d always thought. “If a man was meant to have more than one lover, he would have more than one organ.”
He burst into laughter, a whole-hearted, generous laughter. “At a time,” he said. “One woman at a time.” — Buy RULES OF ENGAGEMENT with its “handsome” new cover for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooksGooglePlay. And in paperback at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, Books-a-Million or your favorite local bookstore.

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